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BSD Mailbag 1.23.15

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You've got questions, BSD has answers!

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How hot is Pat Chambers seat getting? I’m not advocating his dismissal, just curious. Big Maple 
Chambers seems to be extremely well-liked in State College and around the Big Ten. Obviously, that will only get him so far. It's been a bit frustrating since it seems Penn State just can't turn the corner, but fortunately the team's historic lack of success on the court keeps expectations low and gives Chambers some extra team to right the ship. And honestly, that's probably the only way for Penn State to turn into a basketball powerhouse- find the right leader and allow him plenty of time to produce a winner. Next season will be far-and-away Chambers', and likely Penn State's, most talented recruiting class. Even if the losing continues, Chambers clearly deserves a couple years with his best class to turn this long-suffering group into winners.

Is it wrong that I feel good about being derided by Keith Olbermann? leeharvey418
Not at all. I certainly didn't give much credence to Olbermann's commentary, simply because it's my honest belief that he (along with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and many, many more) is merely playing a character on TV. The formula is simple: spew out word vomit for a few hours a day that is bound to get a reaction by both those who agree as well as those who disagree. I take Olbermann as serious as I do George Costanza, Zach Morris, Elvira or any other fictional character.

Should more recs be required to turn a comment blue? speedomike
The number was actually increased from three to five when Chris Grovich and company took the reins from original BSD blogfather Mike Hubbell. However, the readers did not respond very well to the change and it was switched back to three recs to turn a comment blue (or green, as it was at the time for those of you who have been with us for the last five years or so).

Imagine and describe a hypothetical encounter between Joe Paterno and Flavor Flav. This was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw Coach Franklin’s picture with Mr. Flav at the basketball game. Gerry Dincher
I can't believe I'm doing this, but here goes nothing:

PSU Athletics Official: Mr Paterno, I'd like you to meet Flavor Flav, he's a cousin of one of the members of our basketball team and a famous recording artist who...


PAO: Like I was saying, Flavor Flav here...


JVP: Son, your wristwatch is entirely too large and you aren't even wearing it in the correct place! This wouldn't fly if you were a member of my football program! I once made Matt Millen run gassers for the entire month of April for wearing blue socks to a conditioning session. Far too flashy for my taste...

FF: Well Mr. Paterno, this goes way back to...

JVP: Oh heck, I'm just busting your chops. I know how you kids are today with your television games and your hula hoops. I was a young'n once too who liked to be flashy, you know impress the ladies and such.

FF: Oh yeah??

JVP: This one time at Brooklyn Prep my friend Crazy Jimmy and I had a real hootenanny. They had a rule where all socks must be 1 5/8'' above the ankle. Well, one day me and Crazy Jimmy decided to get a little wild and pulled up our socks up a full two inches! And you know what, the headmaster never even noticed!! We laughed for months at that gag!

FF: Wow it sounds like you were really...


PAO: Mr. Paterno, I believe Lawrence Welk passed along some time ago...


FF: I did have a show called Flavor of Love though. Check out this fly honey I met on that show (pulls up a picture of "New York" on his phone)


PAO: Mr. Paterno, I think we better move on and let Flavor Flav enjoy the rest of this basketball game...




Which fictional character's death affected you the most? Ti_Gr5_6Al-4V
It took some thought, but it has to be Matt Saracen's dad on Friday Night Lights. Mr. Saracen wasn't a very regular character, nor did he have many likable qualities outside of his service to our country. However, the episode where he passed away and the following aftermath may have been the most powerful hour of scripted television I've ever seen. The season four episode, titled "The Son" encompassed every thought and emotion you would feel following the unexpected death of a loved one- from receiving and trying to comprehend the shocking news, to spending time grieving with loved ones, to trying your very best to come to terms following the funeral and trying to re-adjust to your former life. If you aren't familiar with the show, please give it a try. The entire series was phenomenal and is beloved by both football and non-football fans alike.

Can PSU get to 900 wins by their 2020 bowl game??? I was gonna do a fanpost about this, but figured it’s easiest to ask here. If our boys average 10-3 seasons, with one 11-2 mixed in, they get there. Am I drinking too much blue Kool-Aid to think this is possible? Let’s face it… We were so very close to having 9 wins this year, with about 45 scholarship players and no offensive line. Why can’t we average 10 wins, fully loaded? bearwithscarf
I'll take the under, just because I'm worried about the uphill battle of conquering the Big Ten for now. Penn State will be facing off against the defending national champion, a Michigan team that should look much, much different in a year or two, and Michigan State, who should be a legitimate playoff contender for the foreseeable future. I'll say no for now, and set myself for a pleasant surprise if/when it happens.

When is Cari going to answer our questions from December? Smee
You will just have to be patient for now. Real life is happening to Cari right now, and she's burning the midnight oil in the office late into the evening on most days. Eventually I'm sure things will calm down and you'll get her opinion on if Baylor or TCU will make the playoff and which type of champagne to drink on New Year's Eve.

What is the best sub/hoagie/sandwich you have ever eaten and where did you get it? spigmana
I'll give two answers, one for the best I've made, and one for the best I've had at an eatery. First some context on my sandwich: I picked up some nasty stomach bug between Christmas and New Years that caused me to, let's just say, clear the contents of my stomach and lose my appetite for a few days. By the time New Year's Day rolled around, I was ready to make up for some lost time. We made a ton of food that day, and I basically treated myself to sandwiches that consisted of all of our leftovers, and then some, during the next few days accompanied with plenty of football and good beer. When it was all said and done, here is what the sandwich consisted of:

sliced ham
sliced pork roast
italian sausage 
banana peppers
provolone cheese
swiss cheese
bavarian mustard
whole grain mustard.

All of this on freshly baked rolls. Needless to say, it was absolutely amazing.

My other choice is the the Primanti's Burger from Primanti Bros. I couldn't track down the exact item on an online menu but it consisted of a half-pound burger, pastrami, corned beef, a fried egg, a couple different types of cheese, and I'm sure many other items I can't recall.