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The 2014 BSD Reader Awards Game Of The Year: Penn State 31, Boston College 30

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Come on, nothing else had a chance.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Did you really expect anything different?

The voting for the 2014 Penn State football Game of the Year was a blowout. In fact, this was the largest margin of victory of any poll that we've had in this series (NOTE: this is probably true). Is there recency bias? Yeah, probably, but this was -- without any fraction of a doubt -- the best football game that Penn State played in this year.

Here are the results for the 2014 BSD Reader Awards Game of the Year:

  • Winner: Boston College (82 percent of the vote)
  • Second Place: UCF (12 percent)
  • Third Place: Rutgers (6 percent)
I'll be honest: I'm a bit surprised that the UCF game didn't get more votes. It was an awesome contest where, like the Pinstripe Bowl, Penn State played incredibly well and won on a Sam Ficken field goal. Conversely, I'm shocked that anyone voted for the Rutgers game. Sure, tearing the Scarlet Knights' heart out was wonderful and grand and the best thing to ever happen but still, it was a wretched game and I'm still convinced that getting sacked 139 times hurt Christian Hackenberg.

But yeah, no game had a chance next to the win over the matchup with Boston College.

*Stefon voice*

Located inside a baseball field in the Bronx, this game had everything: Hack having the best game of the year, Chris Godwin turning into Jerry Rice, Geno Lewis and DaeSean Hamilton both going crazy, Akeel Lynch giving Penn State some semblance of a running game, Ficken sending the game to overtime with a late field goal and winning it with a PAT, DJ Baby Bok Choy and Penn State winning a game that it wasn't even supposed to play in earlier this year.

The Pinstripe Bowl also gave me my favorite piece of writering from the 2014 season: Devon's postgame recap, which was wonderful and you should read it again.

So yeah, roll damn Pinstripe Bowl. Hopefully Penn State goes to a better bowl game next year, but you were still a delight.