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YAY HOOPS: Penn State vs. Rutgers Open Thread

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Lose here and all hope is lost.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Ok so I don't want to sound all hyperbolic, but Penn State losing today at the Bryce Jordan Center would be the biggest tragedy in recent PSU shootyhoops history. If the Nittany Lions want to do anything this season, like make the postseason in absolutely any capacity, they will win today. They will use today as a springboard for the rest of the season. If they lose? Mayhem. The recap will be so sad. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Here's your preview. This is your open thread, where you can discuss the game. I'm there, so I may joke around a bit during the game. Unless it's sad. Then I won't. Other BSDers will be in here, definitely. Check the Twitter for running analysis.

Usual open thread rules apply. No politics, no porn, no illegal streams and no other bullshit that makes me want to ban all of you. ALL OF YOU. Also no Parks and Rec gifs. Save those just in case PSU wins.

Go State, please for the love of god beat the Scarlet Knights.