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The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.9: Michigan State and Rutgers


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The Basketbros are back, and they're happy, because this is the first episode of the BSD Basketbro Show since the Nittany Lions won their first Big Ten game of the year. Bill (@bflip33), Chad (@Chad_BSD) and Tim (@happyhourvalley) all braved The Snowpocalypse (copyright CNN) to discuss plenty of PSU hoops topics:

  • On a somber note, the trio discuss the weird officiating that led to Penn State's 66-60 loss to Sparty in East Lansing. However, the focus then shifts to Devin Foster, who may be awesome. Not D.J. Newbill awesome, but still, kind of awesome.
  • Things get happy again then the guys talk about PSU's 79-51 win over Rutgers. D.J. was awesome! So was Brandon Taylor! And Shep Garner, too! How big was this win for Penn State going forward?
  • There's some Ross Travis free throws talk in here. It's bad. It's, like, really bad.
  • Penn State's two games this week: Minnesota and Illinois. All of the guys think 1-1 could happen. Listen to find out why.
  • Chad talks about recruiting for a lil.

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