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We didn't forget about the Pickin' Nits

Or maybe we did...

Miguel Villagran/Getty Images

There are certainly a lot of things that go on every day involving BSD and all the supporting individuals. Every once in a while we have the occasional, "Oh shoot, we forgot about that" moment. It wasn't due to a lack of focus; everyone is cool (trust me, the emails are the best part) even though Bill makes me want to put my head in a wall at times. JK, when I first got to know Bill, I knew he was going to be a basketbro I could go to for anything in the future. He's the 'bees knees' as the kids would say. Bad Boyz 4 lyfe, Bill.

So let's see what the Nits are up to.


The men, who are up to No. 4 in the country, took care of No. 5 Michigan on Saturday 444.700-436.350. All six team events and four individual events went to the Nittany Lions which consequently led to senior Craig Hernandez to be named Big Ten Co-Gymnast of the Week.

Apparently the guy broke the Penn State record on the pommel horse. I still have no idea what that means, but keep riding that buckin' bronco young fella!

The No. 13 women notched a win by taking down Maryland 196.550-194.550 on Saturday. Freshman Briannah Tsang took home her second Big Ten Freshman of the Week with an impressive performance this past weekend as well.

This Week Ahead: The men are off this week, but the women join the shooty hoops team out in Champaign against the Fighting Illini on Saturday.

Swimming & Diving

So apparently it was senior day this past weekend for two Nittany Lion swimmers. Seniors Nate Savoy, Nick Ankosko and Jeff Young all went home with medals in the final time the Nittany Lions hit the pool in the regular season. Again, I'm kind of nervous that Penn State beat Navy 173-127 in a water event. I think if Penn State had to jump in with assault rifles and 50 pound backpacks, then it would have been closer in favor of the Midshipmen.

The women also took down Navy 174-115. Same theory applies as the men.

This Week Ahead: It's adult swim for the men while the women head to the Bucknell Invitational on Saturday.

Women's Ice Hockey

What did I tell you earlier in the year? If you bet on this team splitting a series, there's a good chance you'll be right. After a 2-0 loss on Friday, the women got back to the winning ways on Saturday with a 3-1 defeat of New Hampshire.

The Sarah Nielsen, Hannah Bramm, Caitlin Reilly line combined for a total of six points on Saturday. Junior goalie Celine Whitlinger picked up the win between the pipes with 32 saves.

This Week Ahead: Syracuse comes to Pegula for a Friday/Saturday series this weekend.