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Success With Hyperlinking Bids You Adieu


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First off, I'd like to say thank you for letting me provide you with #content over the past almost three years. I'm hanging up the blogging boots for good today to focus on my doctoral studies and everything else that comes with it. We didn't always see eye-to-eye on some #sprots issues, but the discussions were always entertaining. I'll see y'all around the comments.

Barron Sounds Off: President Barron made the strongest remarks against the Freeh Report from any Penn State administrator in an AP interview yesterday, saying that Freeh acted "as if he were a prosecutor" and that he was "not a fan" of the report after carefully examining it himself. He added that the reduction in the NCAA's penalties paints a better picture of how things should have been handled by the governing organization in the first place and that Penn State would have "face-to-face discussions" with the Big Ten about amending their Athletic Integrity Agreement with the conference.

Kudos to Barron for taking the time to investigate and formulate an opinion based on the information provided to him. Comment sections were still awful, saying that Barron was too late with his proclamation, but he should be commended for a full study and not resorting to a "rush to judgement" simply to appease the detractors. I think we got a good one at the helm, folks.

Amos Preparing: As he makes strides towards the NFL Draft in a few months, Adrian Amos is journaling the experience in the Baltimore Sun. His first entry came out yesterday, talking about the Senior Bowl. This will be a series to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

SHEETZSheetz is coming to downtown State College. Damn all you lucky bastards.

Cardiac Hill Talks Bowers: Here's Pitt's SBN site's story on the Bowers flip. It is much more civil than whatever message board you read and they make good points about the perception of Bowers heading to Happy Valley.

More 'Crootin: Friend of the blog Greg Pickel has a very nice breakdown of the biggest misses in the 2015 Penn State recruiting cycle. You know the names, but he provides some more insight into the decisions.