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Wrestling Wreport: Penn State escapes Michigan 19-15

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The Penn State Nittany Lion Wrestling team traveled to Cliff Keen Arena in Michigan and left with a 19-15 victory. Penn State won 6 of the night's 10 bouts for the Big Ten conference win.


125: #8 Jordan Conaway PSU dec. Conor Youtsey MICH, 3-2

Conaway opened up the scoring with a takedown 2:06 into the match.  Youtsey escaped 35 seconds later and that was it.  The two exchanged escapes to start the 2nd and 3rd and both had chances as the 3rd closed but neither wrestler finished and Conaway walked away with the 3-2 victory to get the Lions going.

#9 Jimmy Gulibon PSU dec. #8 Rossi Bruno MICH, 9-3

Gulibon and Bruno tussled at the center of the mat for over 2 minutes with no score.  Gulibon finally slid behind Bruno for the initial takedown with 49 seconds left.  Gulibon rode the period out to take a 2-0 lead. Bruno chose down to start the second and Gulibon rode strong looking for backpoints.  The score did not change but Gulibon was able to ride out the period.  Gulibon chose down and got the escape to start the 3rd.  Jimmy got a quick takedown and cut Bruno looking for more.  Gulibon got a little sloppy and gave up a Bruno takedown but escaped and secured a late takedown and a 9-3 win with the riding time point.

141: Kade Moss PSU dec. #17 George Fisher MICH, 6-3

The two wrestlers fought for 3 minutes each getting chances but neither finishing off for the score. Fisher chose down and while trying to escape got caught in a Moss throw for 2 nearfall points.  Fisher escaped and took the lead with a takedown and rideout with 35 seconds to go.  Moss chose down and got the reversal.  Moss then added two more nearfall points and rode the period out for a hard fought 6-3 victory over a ranked wrestler.  That was a big win for Kade.

#18 Zack Beitz PSU dec. #9 Alex Pantaleo MICH, 6-4

Sticking with the "big win" concept, Zack Betiz faced top-ten Alex Pantaleo. Pantaleo struck first with a takedown and led 2-1 after a quick Beitz escape. Beitz got in a couple times but could not finish and the 1st period ended.  Beitz chose down and escaped and then used his quick ankle pick for a takedown.  Pantaleo escaped but Beitz led 4-3 as the period ended.  Pantaleo chose down and quickly escaped to tie the bout at 4.  Beitz shot in and after a long scramble Beitz readjusted and got the takedown just as time expired for the 6-4 win.

#13 Brian Murphy MICH dec. Luke Frey PSU, 3-1

Frey got the call with Alton out and the two wrestlers battled for 2 minutes.  Murphy got in deep and a long scramble ended with 13 seconds left and Murphy up 2-0. The two exchanged escapes and there were several wild scrambles including one in the 3rd that had Murphy nearly on his back but there would be no control given.  The Penn State bench even called for a review but the bout ended in a 3-1 Murphy victory.

165: Taylor Massa MICH dec. Garett Hammond PSU, 6-3

In the only battle of unranked wrestlers it was Massa who scored quickly for a 2-1 lead after a Hammond escape.  Massa scored again as the period was closing but Hammond got the escape to trail 4-2.  Hammond chose down and spent most of the 2nd period struggling on bottom until an escape with 10 seconds left.  Massa chose down to start the 3rd and Hammond tried to get a turning combination before cutting Massa as the period was winding down.  There would be no more scoring as Massa won 6-3 with the riding time point.

174: #3 Matt Brown PSU maj. dec. Jake Salazar MICH, 12-2

Brown struck first with a takedown and starting building riding time.  Salazar escaped and shot in only to be countered by Brown and taken down.  Brown then rode the period out and led 4-1.  Salazar chose down and Brown put on a strong ride looking for back points.  The senior was unable to turn Salazar but he rode the period out and clinched the riding time point.  Brown chose down and quickly escaped and got a takedown.  Going for the major, Brown picked up a penalty point on a second stall call for Salazar.  He cut him and looked for the major.  Pushing the action, Brown got another point on a stall call and with the riding time got the 12-2 major.

184: #10 Domenic Abounader pinned #17 Matt McCutcheon PSU, WBF (3:52)

With the match slipping away, the Wolverines needed a spark and got just that out of Domenic Abounader.  The two wrestlers battled for most of the 1st period with Abounader getting the takedown and 2-0 lead with a ride out.  McCutcheon chose down to start the 2nd and Abounader turned his shoulders for the crowd-pleasing pin which put Michigan right back in.

197: #5 Morgan McIntosh PSU dec. #8 Max Huntley MICH, 3-2

McIntosh stepped to the mat knowing a win over highly ranked Huntley would seal the dual for Penn State.  McIntosh delivered as the two exchanged shots but no one scored for 2 periods with the exception of two quick escapes to start the 2nd and 3rd for each wrestler.  McIntosh scored late in the 3rd and held on for the 3-2 victory.

285: #7 Adam Coon MICH dec. Jon Gingrich PSU, 5-2

That left the battle of the shaved bears and that's what we got.  The two fought for 3 minutes with no one scoring but Gingrich was hit with and early stall call.  Coon chose down and quickly escaped.  Coon pressured Gingrich into a second stall call and a point and led 2-0 after 2.  Gingrich chose down and quickly escaped.  Down by 1 Gingrich pressured and took a low shot that was countered by Coon for a takedown.  After a Gingrich escape the bout ended with Jon on the losing end of a 5-2 decision.