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Sam Ficken Named to the AP All-Bowl Team

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A final honor for $am. Before the BSD Lifetime Achievement Trophy I send him, that is.

Picture perfect.
Picture perfect.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

After his heroic and majestic performance in the Pinstripe Bowl against Boston College, Sam Ficken has been named the kicker for the Associated Press All-Bowl team for the 2014/2015 bowl season. Against Boston College, Ficken showed that his blood is officially 50% ice water, as he drilled the 45 yard field goal to tie things up and send the game to overtime. He then redefined the word "irony" as he banged home the extra point for the overtime victory, just minutes after his Boston College counterpart missed his chance to add one point to the scoreboard.

For those of you who sadly missed it, here's a chance to relive the beautiful extra point, through the eyes of a Penn State fan.

It's a fitting award for Penn State's kicker, who ended his 2014 season having connected on 24 of his 29 field goals (four of which were blocked), and all 28 of his extra points. He had a long of 50 yards for a field goal this season, after hitting home a 54 yarder in heavy rain during his junior season. He also averaged 60 yards per kickoff as a senior, with 21 touch backs.

Here's what the Associated Press had to say in regards to their selection of Ficken.

Made a 45-yard-field goal with 20 seconds left in regulation to force overtime in a 31-30 Pinstripe Bowl win over Boston College. His extra point in overtime clinched the victory.

In a way, that description almost perfectly encapsulates what it's like to be a sports fan. To a random observer or reader, this doesn't sound like much on the surface. Kickers are expected to be able to his 45 yard field goals, and are basically required to kick extra points. And yet, it's so much more than that. Only by following a team and a player closely for their entire careers do you know the stories and the background information that makes rooting for a team and a player, fun. The statistics will never tell the true story of a player. Sports are fun that way.

Ficken is joined by a whopping, seven other Big Ten players. Ezekiel Elliot, Taylor Decker, and Darron Lee of Ohio State, Melvin Gordon and Kyle Costigan of Wisconsin, Jack Allen of Michigan State and Lorenzo Waters of Rutgers join Ficken on a hilariously B1G-laden team.