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MMQB: If You Could Add One College Player to Penn State's Roster, Who Would it Be?

If you could make a mid-season addition, who would you go out and get?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Take a moment and imagine yourselves in a new world, where college football has a transfer period akin to professional soccer's. Pretty cool, huh? Now keep yourself in this world for the following scenario, and try to ignore the fact that Urban Meyer would probably be able to construct a team made up entirely of All-Americans in this world.

Penn State is in decent position with their current roster construction, although the offensive line is still an obvious area of weakness, despite true improvement. So it's not as if there are any other glaring holes that James Franklin would theoretically be looking to fill in this alternate universe. However, that doesn't mean he couldn't add to a strength.

Has Bayern Munich ever stopped adding midfielders, despite having enough to fill out three separate World Cup-caliber midfields? Nope. Did Barcelona even blink before adding Luis Suarez to an attack that already included Leo Messi and Neymar? Nope. Did-wait, sorry. Forgot what sport we were talking about for a second.

Would Penn State be better served adding an elite offensive lineman at this imaginary transfer deadline, or would they be better off adding onto an area of strength? Would adding Ronnie Stanley or Laremy Tunsil be enough to quell some of the offensive line's troubles? Or should they just go all out and add someone like Joey Bosa or Myles Garrett to the pass rush, or Vernon Hargreaves III to the secondary, or Leonard Fournette to the backfield?

What do you think, Penn State football fans? If you could add any player in college football to Penn State's roster right now, for the rest of the season, who would it be and why?