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BSD MVP: Christian Hackenberg

Look up in the sky! It's a bird... It's a plane... It's the MVP.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Saquon who? There's a new sky walker on the Planet Nittany.

Entering the game against the Indiana's defense, Christian Hackenberg was expected to have a good day, and he did. Sure, he only had 262 yards passing against the Hoosiers' 125th (out of 127) passing defense in the country, but he had a number of yards lost to drops, finishing 21/39, and accounting for all four touchdowns on the day. Hackenberg had two gorgeous throws for scores to Brandon Polk and DaeSean Hamilton in the first half.

More impressive were his wheels. Hackenberg added 21 yards on the ground, dinged by four sacks. However, he had a career long run of 22 yards in the second quarter and touched the sky on a touchdown dive in the fourth. In a bit of controversy, perhaps frustrated by earlier drops, Hackenberg opted to call his own number as he bypassed an open Kyle Carter during a bootleg rollout on his first rushing touchdown.

Statistically, when no one individual dominated and the ball was spread around, everyone chipped in on the day. Christian Hackenberg managed to stand out and avoided any turnovers again as the Nittany Lions improved to 5-1 to now enter the anything but a rivalry week of Ohio State.

Honorable Mention

Carl Nassib continues to rampage through the season tallying four tackles, including two sacks. He also tacked on an additional pair of forced fumbles on the day. On the year, he leads the nation in both sacks and forced fumbles, he also sits at third in tackles for loss.