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Black Shoe Podcast on Nittany Lion Sports Radio - Penn State at Ohio State

We're back and in a more timely fashion this week, and I'm not saying it has anything to do with the fact that Collyer is noticeably absent but I'm not ruling it out either.

...and some of us thought Sickels wouldn't start this year. We were dumb.
...and some of us thought Sickels wouldn't start this year. We were dumb.
Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

This week's BSP has Bill (@bflip33) and Cari (@NotCarlotta) being joined by Dan (@sharpalright) in Adam's place as they break down the surprisingly dominant victory over Penn State's rivals, the Indiana Hooooosiers, and preview this week's big matchup against No. 1 Ohio State.

Because this is my post this week, and who doesn't underrate this Penn State team? And why shouldn't we be confident? Because we're going into one of the toughest places to play in college football or something?....Oh.

Some nuggets for the Pod:

  • Christian Hackenberg played his most complete game of the season--and as the QB went, so went the team
  • How much did the absence of Nate Sudfeld and Jordan Howard affect the outcome of the game? Bill says that if Saquon Barkley played, Penn State would have won by 50 instead of just 22.
  • The offensive line let up four sacks against Indiana--Dan discusses their play upon repeat viewing.
  • Speaking of offensive lines--Indiana's was a veteran unit that let up only three sacks all season before rolling into Happy Valley--where they let through the Wild Dogs four times. Can anyone stop the PSU defensive line? Is there a weak link on that unit? Bill and Dan talk about Torrence Brown, who has moved up the depth chart--but won't unseat any of the entrenched starters, because they are just THAT. GOOD--especially Garrett Sickels, who had quite a day this past week.
  • Penn Staters are thinking that the team has a chance against the Buckeyes if Barkley plays--but no chance if he doesn't. Bill asks if this is valid--and Cari says maybe not so much for his play on the field
  • A breakdown of how Ohio State is underperforming versus preseason expectations (on offense at least--is it an execution issue? The offensive staff coaching change? The use of the wrong quarterback?)--and how scary that OSU defensive front really is

All that and more, including score predictions, on this week's episode of the #BlackShoePodcast!