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BSD MVP (Ohio State): Saquon Barkley


James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

No one else ever had a chance to win this award.

Saquon Barkley continues to be the only thing about this offense that consistently works. He's been a terror for opposing defenses to deal with, and Saturday's game against Ohio State was no different. The craziest part of his game against the Buckeyes, was that he could have been so much better. He ended his night with 194 rushing yards on 26 carries, good for 7.5 yards per run. Had Brian Gaia not been called for holding (a penalty which he had no business taking considering Barkley was already past them), he would have had a 44 yard touchdown run added to that resume, as well.

On a night when Christian Hackenberg was only allowed to attempt 13 passes, and almost nothing down the field aside from two drives, Barkley was still able to do his thing. The Buckeye defense had nothing to fear in the passing game, and still the freshman running back found space.

We've all commented a lot throughout this season about how the team looks different and about how the line seems to block better when Barkley is in. At this point, we just need to recognize that nothing changes aside from who is in the backfield. Barkley makes holes, he creates big plays and he does it all with virtually nothing working in his advantage.

It's way too early to be anointing Saquon as someone who will go down as one of the best in Penn State history, but it's getting harder and harder to ignore the All-American, NFL-type potential he possesses. He is the brightest part of Penn State's future plans, and on Saturday night, he showed that he's already part of the present plans by ripping and tearing through one of the best defenses in college football.

Honorable Mentions:

Cardale Jones- Ohio State's starting quarterback did all he could to help Penn State in this game. Overthrowing receivers, making the wrong decisions, providing no threat with his legs- Cardale did it all. Unfortunately Urban Meyer realized that and let Braxton Miller and JT Barrett start playing quarterback.

Blake Gillikin- The class of 2016 punter commit probably had a better week punting than Penn State's two punting options did. Nice job, Blake!

Chris Godwin- The sophomore wide receiver did his job and got open on the two biggest passing plays of the night, including breaking off a big play when Ohio State ran a defense SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO STOP THAT PLAY. Seems like the kind of guy you'd want to keep throwing the ball to, no?