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Committany Nation (10.2.15): Daniel Joseph, Lavert Hill, Miles Sanders, and 2018 Offers!

Oh god kids who won't be on campus until I graduate law school are getting offers I feel so old.

These Are Lavert Hill's Awards, Mother. From Army

Lavert Hill, cornerback extraordinaire, was selected to play in the Army All-American Bowl. We've talked at length about Hill before. He is still very good at football.

Ah yes, he still talks with Michigan. I assume it's the same way I still talk with my ex-girlfriend: begrudgingly, and mostly out of obligation.

Oh, wait, what's that? Hold on. There's a story just hitting the wire!


Lavert Hill is still committed to play football for the Pennsylvania State University.

Daniel Joseph is a bad, bad man

The 4-star 2016 defensive end out of Illinois has been hugely impressive in his senior season, as evidenced by his mid-year highlight tape. Skip to 3:18 to watch him lineup OUT WIDE(!!!!!!!!), catch a pass, and just run over the poor, innocent children in his path. It made my week. Joseph is an incredible athlete, and his high school coaches have taken advantage of that fact. Again, to reiterate: this guy is a defensive end. He is going to be very good at the footballs.

There are no words to aptly describe how good Miles Sanders is

I wish to one day be as good at anything as he is at running the ball. Imagine Sanders and Sa Sa playing together? Oh, I need to lay down. Watch him make fools of everyone here.

Quinn Nordin's linemen are very appreciative of him

How often do you hear someone say they'll miss blocking for their kicker/punter? Well, how many guys get to block for someone as good as Quinn Nordin? Unfortunately, it looks like Nordin may be out for a little after suffering a shoulder injury last week. Even if he's not, one of his linemen is really appreciative of the work his specialist puts in.

The consensus best kicker in the class of 2016 (and of the last few classes, really) out of Rockford, Michigan will bring a ton of stability to the Nittany Lion kicking game.

Offers and Visits

--Kyle McCloskey, a 2017 pro-style QB from Fort Washington, PA, will be visiting Penn State for homecoming next week. McCloskey's interested schools are all over, ranging from Harvard to Michigan State to Richmond. However, this will mark his third visit to Happy Valley.

--In an attempt to pluck a player straight out of Harbaugh's backyard (seriously, Ann Arbor Pioneer is across the street from Michigan Stadium, and is where you park your car for Michigan football games), Penn State offered 2017 linebacker/running back Antjuan Simmons. Simmons is a 3-star recruit. His crystal ball says Notre Dame, so we can only hope he pulls an inverse Wimbush.

--James Franklin is a master troll, and I will keep repeating that. Penn State offered 2018 QB Phil Jurkovec from Gibsonia, PA the day after Pitt did the same. Jurkovec is a 6'5"(!!!) pro-style quarterback who visited campus last April. For his part, Jurkovec is also a star basketball player. Sign him up, Pat!