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The Penn State Bowl Projection Roundup, Week 8

Here's a new thing. It involves bowl games because Penn State can go to them now.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

It's fun to remember that, as recent as 13 months ago, it didn't look like Penn State was going to be able to go to a bowl game until 2016. And then the sanctions got busted and we all got happy and the 2014 Nittany Lions took on Boston College in Yankee Stadium. Penn State won. It was fun.

Anyway, Penn State currently sits at 5-2 and, barring a tragic meltdown, is going to be bowl eligible this year. We thought it would be fun to look at what games Penn State is projected to go to based on a few of sites that project these. Let's get to it.

SB Nation (Jason Kirk)

Bowl: TaxSlayer Bowl

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Date: Jan. 2, 2016

Opponent: Kentucky

CBS Sports (Jerry Palm)

Bowl: Music City Bowl

Location: Nashville, TN

Date: Dec. 30, 2015

Opponent: Mississippi State

Sporting News (Bill Bender)

Bowl: Foster Farms Bowl

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Date: Dec. 26, 2015

Opponent: Arizona State

ESPN (Brett McMurphy)

Bowl: Holiday Bowl

Location: San Diego, CA

Date: Dec. 30, 2015

Opponent: Arizona

ESPN (Mark Schlabach)

Bowl: Outback Bowl

Location: Tampa, FL

Date: Jan. 1, 2016

Opponent: Georgia

Of this group, the one that I'd least like to see is Penn State vs. Georgia in the Outback Bowl. This is because I think Georgia is the best team on this list (although Penn State does match up well with it, especially with Nick Chubb out), plus who wants to go to Tampa on New Year's Day? That sounds like torture. Plus from an aesthetic standpoint this game would be brutal both in how it's played and how ugly Raymond James Stadium is and nope, hopefully this doesn't happen.

The game I'd most like is Palm's prediction of PSU vs. Mississippi State in Nashville. It would be really cool to see James Franklin and his staff go back to the city with Vanderbilt in it, Mississippi State is solid but not great, and watching Dak Prescott go up against the Nittany Lion defense would be fun as hell. Also: eating BBQ while listening to bluegrass sounds like fun. This should happen.