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BSD Mailbag 10.23.15

You've got questions, BSD has answers!

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Kevin Wilson for OC next season?
a) Yes, please.
b) Sure.
c) Definitely.
d) Ohio State sucks.


I'll go with "E."- all of the above. I would be ecstatic with someone of Wilson's caliber as Penn State's playcaller. However, it's not going to be Wilson specifically. He's doing a tremendous job of moving Indiana in the right direction, and once he can shore up the defense the Hoosiers will be a very dangerous team. Regardless of a couple bad (and injury-laden) weeks, Indiana would be foolish not to keep Wilson around for the foreseeable future.

Who has a better chance of being back next year Donovan or Shoop? For the latter, I’m wondering if one of the number of intriguing openings this year might lure him away. Former_DC_Buck
We're really interested in the future of the offensive coordinator position this week, huh? Fair enough.

I believe Shoop has the best opportunity to be back next season. I do think he'll eventually be lured away by a head coaching gig, but the fact that Penn State isn't likely to sniff the rankings this season will keep him off the radar of the openings that will come his way with a little more patience. I've mentioned this before but I also suspect Donovan will also be back in 2015. James Franklin seems very loyal to the system they are attempting to implement, and will likely give him ample time until they have their own players for their offense. However, if the season ends with a complete lack of progress, some tough decisions will need to be made.

Should Hack have been replaced late in the 4th quarter? He took a few hits on plays that were essentially hand offs. As banged up as he was, it seemed to me it was Mcsorley time. jiminore
The Ohio State game played out much like I expected, so despite being down about the missed opportunities to make it a competitive ballgame, I had a pretty level-head as the game was winding down. The only thing that had me yelling at the TV is the fact that Hack was still being trotted out when he was clearly injured despite the fact that game was well out-of-reach for the Nittany Lions.

I understand there are different opinions on this matter, and many who disagree with me, but I thought it was extremely questionable for three reasons:

1.) Hack was clearly limping and his health was already impacting the offense. What's the point of continuing this way with the game already decided?

2). Any player who is playing at less than full-strength is more likely to suffer a more serious injury. What's the point of risking further injury when the game has been decided, especially against what is likely the best defensive line in the nation?

3). McSorely, or someone besides Hack, will likely need to be relied on as the first-year starter in 2016. That player will need development, and the best way to do that is to get them some live-game experience. A couple handoffs at home against Army and time facing off with the scout team isn't really going to cut it. Even if it went poorly, you can't understate the value of a series or two against a team like Ohio State in the Horseshoe for a young quarterback's development.

It's been brought up in the meltdown thread already . . . but regarding the jackass who took a victory lap after getting ejected, is it or is it not possible to flag someone after they’ve been booted? A Buckeye fan and I were mulling this over at drill today. Neither of us had any idea. NittanyPUMA
I've noticed similar instances from around the nation this season and do think something of this nature deserves an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It seems like it's got to the point where teams will use the targeting ejection as a way to get the fans fired up after a vicious and illegal hit. I could even see some teams trying to use this to their advantage by send they won't necessarily miss when a shift in momentum is needed. It is a completely classless gesture and needs to be thoroughly examined by the rules committee in the offseason.

What would you give to see Hack lined up under center for 80% of his snaps next game? psuphysicist
In a perfect world, certainly. But knowing the challenges of keeping Hack upright, he just can't rely on playing in an offense that is right for him as a gifted pocket passer.

2 part question 1.) who do you think you are? 2.) what gives you the right? adamp1984
Apparently I'm Toby and you're Michael Scott.

With all the technological advances in football equipment and an increased focus on player safety, how come chin straps and the snaps on the helmet have never evolved? As I watched Tom Brady, whose net worth is $120 million, struggle to snap his chin strap between plays, I wondered why there are still snaps on a helmet. Helmets have certainly changed, but why not the snaps and chin straps? dbridi
That's an excellent question. Maybe by the time concussion-proof helmets are a reality they will figure out a better way to keep the chin straps attached. I can tell you from experience they are the most frustrating part of the uniform and find a way to malfunction at the worst possible times.

Signature Win? It has often been pointed out that Franklin doesn’t yet have a "signature win" at either Vandy or PSU. Does he need one this year (against the Fightin’ Harbaughs or Sparty) to get past the #CoachHype tag, or does he get a pass for this year b/c he’s still doesn’t have "his guys" fully developed? MJBPSU
It's a valid point, but don't think it's a "must-have" for Franklin at this point. What is more important is to prove the program is heading on the right direction and is on par by competing against Michigan and Michigan State during the final two weeks of the season. If the Nittany Lions are blown out by OSU, MSU and Michigan all in the same season, there will be quite an uneasy feeling surrounding Happy Valley throughout the offseason as the fanbase wonders if the program is heading toward or further away from relevance in an extremely competitive division.

Hackenberg in the draft 2nd round or 3rd round and dropping? jb3jammer54
Honestly, I'm pretty certain that things play out where Hackenberg doesn't last until the end of round one if he chooses to forgo his final year of eligibility. Hack will likely be the draft's biggest mystery following the season. His rise will start when he blows the doors off at the Combine thanks to his enormous physical talents. His stock will continue to increase during the interview process where NFL personnel get to know him and begin to seriously consider him as the cornerstone of their offense in the near future. It also won't hurt that he resembles a Disney prince and the owners begin thinking about his marketability as the face of the franchise. Suddenly, the off-target throws and TD:INT ratio are suddenly a symptom of a poor offensive line and an ill-fitting system. If you think this is a bunch of crazy talk, just Google "NFL Quarterbacks First Round Draft Picks" and skim the list of names from the past 12 years or so. At least a couple franchises will be too intrigues to let him fall very far.