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Position Grades: Maryland

The one with Chris Godwin did the best, obviously.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback: B+

Christian Hackenberg set a few school records, threw for three touchdowns, eclipsed 300 yards, and didn't throw any interceptions. Save for losing a fumble and missing a few early throws, he had himself a nice ballgame. If Hackenberg can do what he did against Maryland but not need a quarter or so to get going – so, basically, he completes like 55-60 percent of his passes – I'd do a backflip.

Running Back: C

After tearing up defenses all year, Saquon Barkley fell back to earth. The star freshman ran the ball 20 times for 65 yards and a score. He had to take a step back eventually, probably, so seeing him at least get a score is nice. Nick Scott ran the ball once for a yard, and Akeel Lynch didn't do anything save for dropping a pass from Geno Lewis. I would have like to see a little more Lynch, especially since Barkley didn't have his best game.

Wide Receiver: A-

Chris Godwin. Chris Godwin Chris Godwin Chris Godwin. Chris. Godwin. Chris Godwin.

The other receivers were really good too (especially DaeSean Hamilton), but Godwin looks like the second coming of Anquan Boldin. Really want to see the speedy guys involved more, but other than that, you can't complain too much about the wide outs.

Chris Godwin.

Tight End: C-

Kyle Carter caught a pass, but other than that, the receiving game was very wide receiver-oriented. Hackenberg did a nice job looking for Mike Gesicki a few times, and while there weren't any drops, none of the throws connected.

Offensive Line: C

There weren't many holes for the running backs to go through. The four sacks weren't great, and Hackenberg took some shots when he threw passes sometimes, but for the most part, the blocking in the passing game wasn't horrendous.

Defensive Line: B

Only two sacks, but the 4.5 tackles for loss were impressive. Had some issues when Maryland would bounce runs outside, but as the game went on, Anthony Zettel, Austin Johnson, Carl Nassib, and Garrett Sickels did a great job forcing Perry Hills into making decisions.

Linebackers: B-

Not the best game for this unit. The star was Brandon Bell, who decided to do everything he could to scare Hills into staying on the sidelines when the offense came out onto the field. He put up the following insane stat line: 6 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, a forced fumble, and a sack. Troy Reeder and Jason Cabinda had 10 and 8 tackles, respectively, but struggled when Hills would start running.

Secondary: C+

The good: the unit did a good job forcing turnovers, as three guys had interception and Marcus Allen forced a fumble. The bad: the unit needs to get better at taking down people when they have a shot at tackling them. There were also some issues with stopping Terrapins receivers from hauling in passes, but that was more on UMD's receivers finding space in the team's zone, so let's not read too far into that.

Special Teams: B-

Brandon Polk and Scott were perfectly cromulent on kickoff returns, save for the fumble by Scott. Joey Julius went 1-for-2 on field goals, only forced one touchback on a kickoff, and seems like he struggles with not kicking the ball out of bounds on a kickoff once a game. Will Likely didn't break off any big returns, so the coverage teams did their jobs, and I didn't put my fist through the wall because of the punting game, so shouts to Daniel Pasquariello.