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Post-Game Link Dump: Penn State 31, Maryland 30

Your one-stop shop for all the #hottakes from yesterday's win over the Terps.

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Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Hello there, Penn State fan! Is your heart finally beating still after yesterday's cluster-thriller? Great! Now, you can re-live all the heart-stopping fun from yesterday (and maybe have a few laughs at others' expense) through some links.

From The Beat

ESPN's Big Ten Blogger Austin Ward recapped the game and let us know what this means for PSU going forward

Centre Daily Times' Jordan Rodrigue harps on the 'one-by-one' mentality the PSU team has adopted's Ben Jones focused on how a defense that put together a sub-par performance for most of the game, stepped up when it absolutely needed to

USA Today's Paul Myerberg had a #hottake that worthy of making PennLive commenters' heads explode (Translation: It was a very reasonable take)

From The Twitters (okay, more like from the RealPennLiveComments Twitters)

Forget the fact that Maryland sold out on shutting down the run by stuffing eight or nine guys in the box routinely, HE'S SAQUON BARKLEY, DAMN IT. HE'S SUPPOSED TO RUN FOR 500 YARDS ON THIS POROUS MARYLAND DEFENSE AFTER PUTTING UP NEARLY 200 ON OHIO STATE. TRANSITIVE PROPERTY, FOOLS.

Oh, come on, now! He can't possibly look that cree-GAHHHHHHH MY RETINAS ARE BURNING

You mean to tell me that Blaise Alexander isn't a car dealership?

Oh, the fitting analogies I could make about the Franklin-Obama comparisons, but I'm going to take the high road and #sticktosports.

Okay, let's rinse out all the stupid with some more uplifting tweets, starting with 2016 kicker verbal Quinn Nordin, whom many thought was bound to flip for Michigan after visiting them last weekend:

2016 Defensive End verbal (and proud Maryland native) Shane Simmons is happy to see PSU bowling

2016 Defensive Tackle commit Ellison Jordan (also a Maryland native) is also thrilled

Bob Shoop is proud of yesterday's 4th quarter performance from the defense

Troy Reeder was impressed with how loud the Penn State contingent was at M&T Bank Stadium

And last but not least: Hack gets a well-deserved congrats from Zack Mills on breaking PSU's all-time passing yards record