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Committany Nation (10.27.15): Lavert Hill Update, Shane Simmons Feature and More!

Lavert Hill is still committed! Yay!


A Very Important Lavert Hill Update

It's undoubtedly good news for Penn State and the coaching staff that Lavert Hill is still committed to the Nittany Lions at this point in time. However, it would appear that even though he has stuck with that commitment so far, the battle is clearly far from over.

Scout also has a video with Hill following Detroit Martin Luther King's win over Cass Tech.

The most telling part of the article on Hill is this quote from Lavert.

"They are going to keep coming after me till I say 'No,' or something."

Penn State is going to have to blow Hill away when he takes his official visit in November to see the Nittany Lions play, you guessed it, the Wolverines.

This Week in "Miles Sanders is Insane"

Penn State fans everywhere are already salivating at the prospects of Saquon Barkley and Miles Sanders in the same backfield for 2016, and Sanders continues to provide explosive examples of his potential.

Andrew Pryts is an All-Around Star

We know Andrew Pryts for his phenomenal defensive ability, which is what he'll bring to Penn State next year. However, the Nittany Lion coaching staff may also want to consider using Pryts on the offensive side of the ball once in a while based on these numbers.

Quinn Nordin, Still in?

It would appear that Nordin is still very much committed to the Penn State Nittany Lions, based on his Twitter-based support for Penn State following their win over Maryland.

Penn State is still very much in need of a long-term answer at the kicking position, so this is an encouraging sign for the Nittany Lions.

Zechariah McPhearson Talks his Semper Fi Bowl Invite

Listen to McPhearson talk about the invitation to the high school all-star game.

Shane Simmons Featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article

The five star defensive end commit was featured in Audrey Snyder's article on Monday morning. It talks about Simmons' handling of the high expectations surrounding him. It's a fantastic read that is 100% worth your time.