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Post-Game Link Dump: Army West Point

Yay, we won. Great.

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Let's start things off this morning with a look over at what PennLive had to say following this one. James Franklin isn't an angry guy, but things got a little heated when he felt like Penn State's win was being analyzed like a loss. On a more fun note though, there was a photo gallery in that article too, and PennLive always does a great job with those. CJ Doon tries to get to the bottom of why Penn State's passing attack struggled so much. On a similar note, what is Penn State's offensive identity? PennLive also gives their report card grades following the win over Army. Finally, one of the bright spots in the passing game was Mike Gesicki's touchdown, which also served as an awesome birthday present for über-athletic tight end.

Over on ESPN, we find that Penn State sits at #10 in their Big Ten power rankings. We also have their game recap, in which Josh Moyer highlights Penn State's inability to make Army pay for their turnovers.

BWI breaks down the Lions' win. They also put together a difficult-to-load, but cool gif page of the biggest plays from the game. The defense knew they would have to be the ones to step up and win this one, and they did just that. Finally, BWI has a photo gallery from this one, as well.

Lions247 delved into this one too, They start by looking at some of the key stats from this one. They also compiled some of the best quotes from the players following the narrow victory. Jeff Rice discusses many things, including Franklin's philosophy that he doesn't care how his team wins, just that they do win. Lions247 also breaks down the five things they felt could be learned from the NIttany Lions' performance on Saturday.

Scout handed out their own report card grades.

As for us, per usual, we have our 3 takeawaysfull-on-Devon Edwards-burn-it-down recap and our hey, wha happen.

Time to shift attention towards Indiana.