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MMQB: Which NFL QB Does Christian Hackenberg Remind You Of?

Let's talk about Hack, ba-by. Let's talk about you-and-me.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We're now through five weeks of the college football season, which means it's time to talk about Christian Hackenberg as concerned with the NFL some more!

There has been a lot of talk lately about Hackenberg's draft stock following his up and down start to the season. Something that's more constructive at this point, however, is talking about whose footsteps he is likely to follow in when he gets to the NFL.

After his freshman season, SB Nation wrote an article stating that Hack resembled Andrew Luck and Tom Brady, which made sense. They're all 6'4" and somewhere between 220 and 240. They all have rocket arms. They are all very good at moving through the pocket. I could go, but some of the similarities are harder to see, 1 1/2 seasons later.

For his struggles over the past few years though, Hackenberg still shows a lot of the skills that NFL teams want to see. He still makes throws that many NFL quarterbacks cannot, such as the dreaded 10-15 yard out route. When his offensive line gives him time to throw, he delivers an accurate and catchable ball more often than not. He shows a savvy ability to move through pocket traffic to get himself into positions to throw. There are still a lot of positives within Hack's game that deserve to be highlighted.

That's not to say he is without his flaws, though. For whatever reason, he struggles mightily with the quick passes that John Donovan loves to call. The plays where he has to take a snap, and immediately turn to throw a bubble screen while flat-footed, is something he cannot do consistently. Is that the most egregious problem in the world? No. Is it still a problem? Absolutely.

It's absolutely true that the offensive coaching staff doesn't do a great job of calling a game that shows of his abilities, but Christian has enough natural talent that he should be able to overcome that.

So what do you think? Does this description remind you of any current or past NFL quarterbacks? (please don't say Jay Cutler please don't say Jay Cutler please don't say Jay Cutler)