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BSD Mailbag 10.9.15

You've got questions, BSD has answers!

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What are the chances Franklin actually makes changes to the coaching staff on Offense? Ben16
It depends on when you are asking. I don't believe changes will occur during the course of the regular season. However, if the offense continues to show no progress for another season I would fully expect Franklin to take a serious look at the staff and make a couple changes.

I do believe that a major cause of the ineptitude is the coaching staff working to instill their system for the future rather than working with the current talent, which leads me to believe the entire offensive coaching staff will return in 2016 regardless of the results for the rest of the season.

Can OSU's malise be attributed to the "Clowney Effect"(tm)? gestaltshift
No. This is one of those weird seasons where no one really looks like definite number one (or two, three, four, five, etc.) on a weekly basis. However, as much as I may not personally care for Urban Meyer, I have full confidence that he will have this team hitting on all cylinders by the end of the season and could even blow through the playoffs for another national championship.

Could the upcoming Indiana game be this team's 2005 Minnesota? IronCityLion
No. I just don't see the offense moving up and down the field and allowing Penn State to dominate the Hoosiers. Plus, that game was more impressive because Minnesota fielded some excellent teams in the years leading up to it, while Indiana is still slowly building up its program. Finally, outside of a mistake-prone first half against Northwestern, the 2005 team gradually improved each week leading up to the decisive victory against the Golden Gophers. We can't say the same thing about the 2015 version of the Nittany Lions up to this point.

Is there an offensive coordinator at a Power 5 school who is worse than John Donovan? Gerry Dincher
I spend my Saturdays watching four or five games simultaneously from noon until late into the evening when the PAC-12/Mountain West games come to a conclusion, which means on a good day I'll watch about 40 teams play throughout the day, which does not include Thursday or Friday games. While I don't have as much invested in the other teams, I can't think of a single offense that does so little with so much to work with outside of Penn State. While Minnesota's offense has been a dumpster fire this season, they do not have the talent or speed to work with like Penn State. The only team that may come close right now is Texas- watch them and see for yourself. Wait, no, please don't do that to yourself. Just take my word as you've already been through too much.

When should non-Christmas stores put up Christmas stuff? Former_DC_Buck
I don't like seeing any Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving, which I can accept won't happen. What kills me is to walk into the store on a 75-degree day and see it strewn in holiday decor and Christmas songs blasting overhead. Ohio winters are approximately nine months long and I'd like to put off reminders of the inevitable never-ending bitter cold stretch for as long as possible.

At the end of the year are we going to look back upon this meltdown after a win over Army and laugh at our foolishness, or solemnly recognize our prescience? vern05
My guess is it will be another very tight game with little scoring and the defense doing all they can to carry the team to victory. We saw it most of 2014, and there is a good chance the trend will continue throughout the remainder of this season as well.

How much better is Saqoun Barkley compared to the other backs on the roster? Even compared to Lynch who has made a some good plays this season. Barkley seems like he is on another level completely. Adamp1984
I may have been the sole BSD staff member who didn't dive into the Barkley hype during the summer. While I was blown away by his film, I'm always leery about true freshman running backs being able to step in and contribute right away. All highly-touted RBs have the physical gifts to depend solely on their athletic talents to outclass defenders by simply running past and/or through them, and then need time to adjust to the collegiate game to learn how to be a patient runner, build strength, etc. It didn't take long to realize Barkley was very special.

To answer your question, Barkley has an extremely unique and diverse skillset that puts him head and shoulders above the others at his position. While Lynch still adds tremendous value when healthy, he does not have the same vision and burst that sets Barkley apart.

You're picking teams for a flag football game between BSD staff members who’s your first pick? Sperbro
I've never seen any of them in action, but I would probably go with either Tim Aydin or Nick Polak. Both have some height and are lanky, which can be very helpful in flag football. Tim is a distance runner, so he probably has the best stamina, while Nick is still young enough to not let a hangover impact his play. Eric Gibson would be my wildcard, because something tells me he would be the type to go all-out on both sides of the ball every single play.