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SWH Will Get Bye This Week

It's the bye week but that doesn't mean that there aren't any links to click.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Everyone's Favorite Former PSU Linebacker Makes Monthly Top Ten

Michael Mauti's punt block and recovery for a touchdown made SportCenter's top ten plays of the month. Let's take another look at this beautiful play.

Around the B1G

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett pleaded guilty on Tuesday on the count of driving while impaired. Coach Urban Meyer announced that Barrett would remain a captain despite the setback.

The Michigan State Spartans lost a game that may have knocked it out of playoff contention. The team lost on a play that should not have been allowed. There are many scenarios that could have MSU in the playoff and the team is focusing on controlling its own destiny.

Iowa climbed to #5 in the college football playoff rankings. The Hawkeyes pretty much control their destiny at this point when you consider that it will face a quality opponent in the Big Ten Championship.

The Michigan Wolverines still have hopes of finding a way to a B1G title. There's a chance that the team will enter Happy Valley in two weeks with its mind on Ohio State. Kevin Wilson, coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, who are in the midst of a mid-season free fall by losing five game in a row, trolled Harbaugh a little bit this week. During the Hoosiers' five game losing streak in Big Ten play, it has lost to OSU and Iowa by eight and seven points respectively. Indiana is no stranger to the level of competition that the Wolverines will bring to Memorial Stadium this weekend. This could be the week that Wilson's squad breaks through with huge Big Ten win.

PSU Sports

The women's soccer team earned the #1 seed in the NCAA tournament for only the fourth time in program history. The team will host UAlbany at Jeffrey Field at 6:30 p.m. on Friday night in the first round.

The baseball team will make a historic trip to Cuba in a couple of weeks. With the change in diplomatic relations, it makes sense for the Lions to establish baseball recruiting ties in the fertile baseball grounds of Cuba.

The women's volleyball team will be heading to Iowa. Russ Rose's squad will look to continue the dominance it has held in the Big Ten. The team will also travel to Minnesota for an 8 p.m. match on Saturday.

Bye Week Blues

The Nittany Lions are 2-6 following a bye week since 2008. It's important for the program to shake off this trend. A win over Michigan would go a long way toward mending the broken fences that divide the team and some of its fans. Let's hope that the team comes back strong after the bye.

Let's listen to some bye week themed songs. Many artists have sung about the bye week, dating back to Janis Joplin. Which bye week song is your all-time favorite?

The 'N Sync immortal song Bye Bye Bye was the bees knees in 2000. Mariah Carey, Akon and Little Lil Wayne said their own Bye Bye a few years later.

Every silver lining has a touch of grey. The bye week will allow the team to regroup, heal minor injuries and game-plan the final two games. On the downside, there will be no PSU football this week. It's tough on the fans to have to take a week off, but we will get bye, we will survive.