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Former Foes, Week 12

San Diego State is actually good as heck.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Temple (8-2)

Lost to South Florida, 44-23

Wait this isn't supposed to happen to Temple. Maybe the Owls were looking past the Bulls and got way too focused on this week's game against Memphis, but regardless, this wasn't good. USF's Marlon Mack ran the ball for 230 yards and two touchdowns, while the team's QB, Quinton Flowers, threw for 230 yards and two touchdowns. SYMMETRY.

Up Next: Memphis (8-2)

Buffalo (5-5)

Lost to Northern Illinois, 41-30

Remember that time NIU was supposed to be the small school darling that made a bowl game and got completely ruined by Florida State? That was sad. Anyway, Northern Illinois beat Buffalo over the weekend. Buffalo? More like BuffaNO! I'm a sad person.

Up Next: @ Akron (5-5)

Rutgers (3-7)

Lost to Nebraska, 31-14

Every week when I write this, I get to the Rutgers section and I get kinda upset. I hate writing about Rutgers. I hate it. Imagine writing about the most hopeless thing on the planet, then imagine doing that without the help of alcohol. That's what writing about Rutgers is like. Maybe the guy who is their coach next year can at least make the Scarlet Knights fun.

Up Next: @ Army (2-8)

San Diego State (7-3)

Beat Wyoming, 38-3

You know how sometimes you regret living in a certain area and you get upset because it means you can't watch certain teams on your television? I'm firmly at that point with SDSU. At this point, they're just mauling teams – their last four games have been wins of 23, 34, 24, and 35 points, and in that span, the highest-scoring offense agains the Aztecs put up 17. Slowly but surely, SDSU is looking like it could be Penn State's best win of the year.

In this contest, Chase Price and Donnel Pumphrey ran for 152 and 140 yards, respectively. Wyoming had 191 yards of total offense. SDSU may be really, really good.

Up Next: @ UNLV (4-6)

Army (2-8)

Lost to Tulane, 34-31

The good news is that Army looked pretty good this week. The bad news is that Army lost again. Sometimes I think about how cool it would be if the Black Knights had a monster year and made it to the Playoff and perhaps even won the whole thing. Maybe it'll happen someday. It'd be swell.

Up Next: Rutgers (3-7)

Indiana (4-6)

Lost to Michigan, 48-41 (2 OT)

From a Penn State perspective, this game was awesome because it may have worn Michigan down a bit, but it could have also had some negatives, namely Michigan QB Jake Rudock shooting fireballs from his hands (if that carries over to Saturday the Nittany Lions are screwed). Still, this game was fun as hell. Indiana had a ton of success running the ball against Michigan's usually stout rushing defense and very easily could have won this game if not for the Wolverines' best offensive game of the year. If you can go back and watch one game from last week, make it this one.

Up Next: @ Maryland (2-8)

Ohio State (10-0)

Beat Illinois, 28-3

Ohio State did what it needed to do against Illinois and now Sparty comin'. As a football fan, the next three weeks of Buckeyes football are exciting as all hell. Michigan State/Michigan/Iowa is as tough of a three game stretch as any team will play all year, and if you're not intrigued to see what happens then smh.

Up Next: Michigan State (9-1)

Maryland (2-8)

Lost to Michigan State, 24-7

Take everything I said about Rutgers, put it in here, replace "Rutgers" with "Maryland" and replace "Scarlet Knights" with "Terrapins." Rutgers and Maryland are basically the same program, with the only differences being that one has some pretty solid recruits coming in and Under Armour money while the other played the first game in college football history and was once coached by Greg Schiano.

Up Next: Indiana (4-6)

Illinois (5-5)

Lost to Ohio State, 28-3

Did anyone think that Illinois had much of a chance against Ohio State? The Illini are maybe the most whatever team in the conference, while the Buckeyes are a dang buzzsaw that looks to ruin other teams. Anyway, fun fact about Illinois: it has lost by an average of 32 points to Big Ten East teams (Penn State and OSU). Try to get Rutgers in there going forward, fellas.

Up Next: @ Minnesota (4-6)

Northwestern (8-2)

Beat Purdue, 21-14

Oh look, Northwestern won an ugly game against a conference foe thanks to a score late in the game.



Losing hurts so much, you guys.

Up Next: @ Wisconsin (8-2)