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BSD MVP - Illinois: Christian Hackenberg

The team's newest triple threat has emerged.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

This season, Christian Hackenberg has shown us he can throw, he has shown us he can run, and after Saturday, he's shown us he can catch touchdown passes too. Sure, running back Nick Scott's pass to Hackenberg was an easy and wide open pitch and catch in the third quarter, but the touchdown is just one more notch in the quarterback's belt after another successful weekend.

Aside from catching one touchdown, Hackenberg threw for two more in Penn State's 39-0 shutout of Illinois Saturday. The junior completed 21 of 29 passes, his best completion percentage so far this season with 72.4. By far, Hackenberg deserves the mantle of this week's MVP not just for his fun touchdown catch that opened up the game for the Nittany Lions, but his strong play that has carried through the past several weeks.

Hackenberg has only two interceptions on the year, a major step down from his 15 of last season. The quarterback has improved upon each week of the season so far, culminating in his best performance to date in the shutout win on Saturday. Giving the weekly award to anyone else would be a crime, as Hackenberg dominated the stat sheet at the end of the evening on more than one category.

Honorable Mentions

Troy Reeder - The freshman's key interception at the end of the first quarter turned the tide Penn State's way for the remainder of the game. Reeder just missed out on the pick-six, but the 45-yard return set up Hackenberg to Geno Lewis for the second Nittany Lion score of the game.

Saquon Barkley - The running back had a fair game on the ground, rushing 20 times for 84 yards, but his one touchdown was a beauty, and sparked this wonderful highlight worthy of a Drake mashup.