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MMQB: Was Saturday's Game the Best Performance of the James Franklin Era?

What do you think?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, Penn State annihilated the Illinois Fighting Illini, in nearly every aspect of the game. The offense put up 400 total yards (280 passing, 120 rushing), the defense only allowed 167 total yards and the Nittany Lions dominated the scoreboard, 39-0.

It was as complete a performance as we've seen from a James Franklin-led Penn State team. But was it the best performance?

In the aftermath of Saturday's game, there were a lot of people with that opinion. Christian Hackenberg was nearly perfect, Saquon Barkley found running room despite a crowded box and the defense was suffocating. It was hard not to get caught up in the moment and declare it the most impressive we've seen the team.

Was it more impressive than last year's bowl victory over Boston College though? Or how about last year's comeback effort against Ohio State? Or even the win over Indiana just a few weeks ago? Even if some of those games weren't as statistically prolific as Saturday's game, does that mean they couldn't have been more impressive performances?

So I'll leave it up to you, readers. Was Saturday's win over Illinois the best performance of the James Franklin era for Penn State? What defines "best" for you?