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Creeping the B1G: Week 9 Recap

A few snoozers, a wild one, and one that came down to the very last play.

The Jug goes back into captivity.
The Jug goes back into captivity.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin- 48
Rutgers- 10

The game was not much different than last season's matchup between these two teams, except for Rutgers actually scoring this time. The game started out slow for both teams, but without Leonte Caroo, Rutgers had little ot no chance against a Wisconsin team that had just gotten back their best player in Corey Clement. Wisconsin looked like the Wisconsin of old on Saturday.

What this means for Rutgers: If they want to make a bowl game, they're going to need to pull an upset somewhere. Nebraska is ripe for the picking, and with Army and Maryland left, they still have a shot.

What this means for Wisconsin: In terms of winning the West, it may be a case of too little too late for Wisconsin. Had they had Clement for the Iowa game, we could have been looking at a completely different Wisconsin team. 10-2 is still in play, though.

Rutgers' Next Opponent: at No. 16 Michigan, 11/7

Wisconsin's Next Opponent: at Maryland, 11/7

Purdue- 55
Nebraska- 45

This is the game that may have saved Darrell Hazell's job. With a backup QB relieving the injured Tommy Armstrong, Purdue took advantage of 4 turnovers and turned them into 28 points. Purdue led 49-31 at one point in the game, before Nebraska started mounting a comeback. The ccomeback attempt was not enough, however, and Purdue got its first home Big Ten win under Hazell.

What this means for Nebraska: Their hopes at a bowl game this season are pretty much gone. With games against Rutgers, Michigan State, and Iowa left, they don't really have much of a chance.

What this means for Purdue: Their season is already over, but beating a Big Ten team is still reason for celebration, especially when those are at a premium in your program. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, for real this time.

Nebraska's Next Opponent: vs No. 6 Michigan State, 11/7

Purdue's Next Opponent: vs Illinois, 11/7

(10)Iowa- 31
Maryland- 15

After leading 21 - 0 at the half, it looked like it was going to be all Iowa for the rest of the game, especially fter Iowa went up 31 - 7 on the back of a pick-6 in the 4th quarter. Then Maryland made it interesting, scoring a touchdown and a 2-point conversion, but then all of the sudden they decided to punt on their ensuing two drives, all but conceding defeat. Maybe Mike Locksley just wanted to cover the spread.

What this means for Maryland: If Locksley was auditioning for a full-time gig, he's going to have to show a bit more bite than what he did at Iowa. When you're down 16 points and have nothing to lose, there's no reason why you should be punting the ball with plenty of time left in the game. The only winnable game left for Maryland is the finale against Rutgers, with Indiana being a tossup at best.

What this means for Iowa: The Hawkeyes keep taking care of business. If they win their next two, the Big Ten West is all but locked up.

Maryland's Next Opponent: vs Wisconsin, 11/7

Iowa's Next Opponent: at Indiana, 11/7

(15)Michigan- 29
Minnesota- 26

What a week it's been for the Minnesota faithful. After the news of Jerry Kill's resignation came out, the team played as inspired as they could be given their limitations on offense. Minnesota caught some breaks, there were a few botched calls, and Minnesota had the chance to win the game on the last play, but confusion by Mitch Leidner, who thought the clock was stopped, made the feat exponentially unattainable.

What this means for Michigan: They're still alive in the Big Ten East. Take care of business the rest of the way, and with a bit of luck, they could actually win the East.

What this means for Minnesota: It's hard losing a game like this, but if they keep playing they way they did against Michigan, a bowl game is not out of the question.

Michigan's Next Opponent: vs Rutgers, 11/7

Minnesota's Next Opponent: at No. 1 Ohio State, 11/7

Bye Weeks: Indiana, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State