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YAY HOOPS: Penn State at Duquesne Open Thread

It's #duqane. Need we say more?

tfw when you realize you're playing duqane tonight
tfw when you realize you're playing duqane tonight
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The moment us basketbros have all been waiting for tips off at the top of the hour (7 PM ET). If you haven't read Eric's preview yet, please do so before commenting here. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flaming bus ride that is the comments section.

While this game won't be televised, you do have a couple of options for viewing/listening to this game: You can either watch via the Atlantic-10's free live video stream or alternatively, if you don't want to hear a couple of A-10 homers call the action with the video feed, you can listen to the dulcet tones of Steve Jones and Dick Jerardi on the brand-spankin' new GOPSUNOW page. In other words, you have ZERO excuse to post any illegal streams of this game (and in turn, jeopardize the future of BSD/SB Nation/Vox Media as a whole).

Additionally, the typical open thread rules apply: No porn, no politics/religion, and just be nice to one another, mmkay?