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Post-Game Link Dump: Michigan on Senior Day

Relive the excitement!

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State and Michigan played a competitive football game yesterday that ended in a Penn State loss, so a bunch of people are all "BLARGH WE'RE TERRIBLE FIUR EVERYONE!"  But you can get that in any comment section.  What can you get here?  LINKS!

Eli's got the best recap you could possibly find, and it's right here in our own shop.  Thank the seniors with Eli and the rest of the staff, and relive the magic that was the 28-16 loss.  Bonus points if you elect to discuss prospective coach terminations and impatience in the comments.

ESPN recaps the game as well.  For some local flavor, Jourdan Rodrigue from the Centre Daily Times has you covered.  The York Daily Record kept something of a live scoring update deal as well.  Mark Wogenrich of the Allentown Morning Call discusses how the Wolverines were simply more physical than the Nittany Lions.  Wogenrich also discusses Penn State's failure to communicate on defense that led to some issues yesterday.

I'm not overly enthused about linking to Michigan friendly sources, but Max Cohen of the Michigan Daily has some insight into the special teams breakdowns by Penn State.

Of course, Carl Nassib, perhaps Penn State's best defensive player, exited early from the game.  That gets detailed in the CDT as well.  The overarching narrative of the week, however, has been the overall exit of this senior class, many of whom came to Penn State in the summer of 2011 and could have just as easily left in the summer of 2012.  Audrey Snyder from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has the story.