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WRESTLING: No.1 Penn State Rolls No.18 Stanford, 31-12

Penn State visited Stanford and came away with a comfortable win.

Day three of the west coast tour put number 1 ranked Penn State in Palo Alto, on Stanford's farm.  The 18th ranked Cardinal ran a talented, young roster onto the mat against our Lions.  It wasn't enough, as Penn State rolled to a 31-12 victory, in front of a packed crowd.

WT No.1 Penn State Result No.18 Stanford Team Score
165 Shakur Rasheed L, DEC 3-6 #6 Jim Wilson PSU 0, Stan 3
174 #8 Bo Nickal MAJ 12-4 Keaton Subjeck PSU 4, Stan 3
184 #14 Matt McCutcheon DEC 6-3 Jason Krohn PSU 7, Stan 3
197 #1 Morgan McIntosh FALL 4:11 Boomer Fleming PSU 13, Stan 3
285 Forfeit FFT #17 Nathan Butler PSU 13, Stan 9
125 #4 Nico Megaludis DEC 7-1 #18 Connor Schram PSU 16, Stan 9
133 #8 Jordan Conaway DEC 10-4 Mason Pengilly PSU 19, Stan 9
141 #5 Jimmy Gulibon L, DEC 2-7 #4 Joey McKenna PSU 19, Stan 12
149 #2 Zain Retherford Fall 6:49 Fox PSU 25, Stan 12
157 #2 Jason Nolf Fall 5:26 Dempsey PSU 31, Stan 12


Penn State 26, Stanford 5

165 LBS

PSU Shakur Rasheed  L, DEC, 3-6, #6 Jim Wilson

Rasheed made weight and wrestled the full seven minutes without a problem.  That's great news.  Here's even better news - Sheed's not too far from beating top ranked wrestlers.  Wilson got both takedowns on re-shots from Rasheed's offense.  Tied 3-3 late in the 3rd, 'Sheed fired another head inside single, and came close to winning the match.  But he lost the scramble, and Wilson came out on top for his second takedown as the clock expired.  With the riding time point, Wilson got the win 6-3.

174 LBS

#8 Bo Nickal MAJ 12-4 Keaton Subjeck

Bo Nickal is fluid, possessing excellent mat sense, and very, very explosive.  Not a lot of wasted movement from Bo.  This bout against Stanford's Subjeck was another workman-like destruction of a talented athlete.  Three takedowns, a couple near fall - major decision.

184 LBS

#14 Matt McCutcheon DEC 6-3 Jason Krohn

Speaking of workman-like, Mouse used his low single to his opponent's left foot to score a pair of takedowns, and post the 6-3 win (with riding time).  Mouse was in on two or three other shots, but Krohn used the traditional PA "funk" to get a stalemate.

197 LBS

#1 Morgan McIntosh FALL (4:11) Boomer Fleming

Morg hit a cross-ankle pick off the whistle, and started the bow-and-arrow, but only got 2 near fall out of it.  Not to fear, wrestling fans.  Morg scored another takedown to finish the 1st period with a 4-2 lead.  His opponent chose down to start the second period, and got decked.  Fleming tried to roll through while Morg had a claw, and that was it.  Morg switched to a half nelson, and got the fall.

285 LBS

With a 13-3 lead, Penn State forfeit heavyweight.  Put 6 points on the scoreboard for Stanford - double what the Cardinal scored on their own.

125 LBS

#4 Nico Megaludis DEC 7-1, #18 Connor Schram

Franklin Regional vs Canon Mac - a WPIAL showdown, except it's 3,000 miles away.

This one was a little disappointing.  Nico went 1,000 miles per hour, as he always does.  Schram got whacked with four stalling calls.  But hey - Nico didn't get the major.

133 LBS

#8 Jordan Conaway DEC 10-4, Mason Pengilly

Post the elbow, right handed high crotch, switch to a double, and Conaway had the match's first takedown.  He rode out the first period, escaped quickly to start the second, and got another takedown shortly thereafter, for a 5-0 lead.

Conaway cut Pengilly with 30 seconds remaining in the 2nd period - but couldn't get a takedown.  Then, curiously, Conaway rode Pengilly for 30 seconds to start the 3rd period.  Jordan tried a catch-and-release after that, but fell short of the major, 10-4.

141 LBS

#5 Jimmy Gulibon L-DEC 2-7, #4 Joey McKenna

McKenna hit a blast double in the first 10 seconds, and then rode Jimmy out in the first.  McKenna added an escape in the second period.  In the 3rd, Gulibon got a takedown and cut McKenna to close to 2-4, but McKenna hit another double, and that sealed the match.  With the riding time point, McKenna won 7-2.  (He looks awfully good.)

149 LBS

#2 Zain Retherford FALL 6:40 Fox Stanford

This was a fun match.  Stanford's Fox fired the opening shot, but after minute of rolling, the ref called a stalemate.  Zain hit a double of his own and ended the first period on top, 2-0.  Zain got away quickly in the second, and scored again on a double, ending the 2nd period with a 5-0 lead.  Fox chose neutral to start the 3rd.  Zain got in on a shot, Fox funk rolled - but Zain wisely stacked Fox up, and got the fall despite the funk scramble.

157 LBS - BSD Wrestler of the Meet

#2 Jason Nolf FALL 5:26 Dempsey Stanford

Machine gun Nolf tried a headlock early.  Stanford's Dempsey slipped it, and got a takedown.  And as former Penn Stater Ken Chertow said on the broadcast, "yeah, Nolf's disgusted now.  Dempsey better watch out."

It was a prescient call, because Nolf rattled off 11 straight takedowns in the next 4 minutes of action, before he hit a cradle and pinned Dempsey.