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Former Foes, Week 13

In which we discuss Jim Harbaugh ripping off layers of clothing.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Temple (9-2)

Beat Memphis, 31-12

Temple got its biggest win of the year on Saturday when the Owls took down Memphis. This was an insanely impressive performance as Temple shut down the high-powered Memphis offense, limiting it to 232 yards and 12 points. Meanwhile, the Owls' offense had 261 yards through the air and another 200 on the ground. Barring an upset when it plays UConn, Temple is going to win the AAC East. Good for Temple.

Up Next: UConn (6-5)

Buffalo (5-6)

Lost to Akron, 42-21

The Bulls had a chance to become bowl eligible but fell to LeBron James' alma mater, the University of Akron. All Buffalo has to do is take down a pretty bad UMass squad and Lance Leipold's boys are going bowling. This is important, because it's the only Bowl that a Buffalo football team has a chance at winning this year.

Up Next: UMass (2-9)

Rutgers (4-7)

Beat Army, 31-21

Oh my god Rutgers finally won a football game. We may need to have The Solid Verbal guys explain how to talk to your kids about the Scarlet Knights beating someone once they're done explaining how you talk to your children about an undefeated Iowa.

Up Next: Maryland (2-9)

San Diego State (8-3)

Beat UNLV, 52-14

The Aztecs man ball'd the hell out of Guy Fieri's alma mater. Really, that's all that matters. The school that gave us Guy Fieri lost, so all is well. Anyway, SDSU is really good and is going to win the Mountain West.

Up Next: Nevada (6-5)

Army (2-9)

Lost to Rutgers, 31-21

Army losing is the single least surprising thing in these roundups. Well, outside of the fact that I'm gonna try to force a bad joke into every one.

Up Next: Navy (9-1)

Indiana (5-6)

Beat Maryland, 47-28

Indiana fell behind 21-10 after one quarter, laughed a lil, then turned on the jets against Maryland. This was the Hoosiers' first Big ten win of the year, and if they can take down Purdue, Kevin Wilson's boys will become bowl eligible. Go Indiana, our rivals.

Up Next: @ Purdue (2-9)

Ohio State (10-1)

Lost to Michigan State, 17-14

I'm gonna rant for a second about Ezekiel Elliott: I know a lot of people hated his postgame press conference thing (well, they loved it for LOL OSU purposes, but neither here nor there), but as someone who is in the media and talks to athletes, I thought it was great. The phoniness of some people you talk to is so, so bad – I won't name names, but there have been times where I have talked to athletes and I've felt that they were just straight up bullshitting me (thank god none of said athletes have been Penn State kids or else I'd have gone insane, fortunately every PSU athlete I've talked to has been really good at being open and honest) – that when someone like Elliott says what's actually on his mind, it's refreshing.

Do I think he went a bit overboard? Sure, especially with the going pro thing, which was a bit out of line. But with how frequently everyone criticizes athletes at all levels for being phony, it was nice to see someone be brutally honest. Again, he went a bit overboard, but it was still nice.


Up Next: @ Michigan (9-2)

Maryland (2-9)

Lost to Indiana, 47-28

I'd say that embarrassing losses like this won't happen to the Terps during the Chip Kelly era in College Park, but, well, yeah.

Up Next: @ Rutgers (4-7)

Illinois (5-6)

Lost to Minnesota, 32-23

So Illinois gained a ton of yards through the air (279) and on the ground (154) against the Gophers but couldn't convert them into points. Minnesota didn't do much through the air (88 yards), had a good game on the ground (255 yards), and scored more points. *Jon Gruden voice* Lemme tell ya, the best way to win in football is to score more points than you're opponent.

Up Next: Northwestern (9-2)

Northwestern (9-2)

Beat Wisconsin, 13-7

I kind of feel bad for Northwestern. They have an unreal season and it could lead to a Big Ten title game birth most years, but freaking Iowa decided to go ahead and win a bunch of games. All NU had to do was beat Iowa and all of a sudden it's in the driver's seat in the Big Ten West. Instead, it lost by 30. Sigh.

Up Next: Illinois (5-6)

Michigan (9-2)

I don't want to talk about it

I know a lot of people hate him, but Jim Harbaugh is inadvertently the funniest coach in college football. The dude straight up started shedding layers of clothing while complaining about a call. Do you understand how remarkably hysterical that is? And it's not like in college basketball where a coach will throw their blazer, he had to take off a headset and make sure he wasn't going to break it. He made an effort to furiously rip off a zip up jacket, which I respect. Good for you, Jim Harbaugh. You lost to Joe Flacco in a Super Bowl.

Up Next: Ohio State (10-1)