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Success With Hyperlinking Bids Adieu To Summer Sports

Let's kill a little time at work with some sports links.

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Around The B1G

The first college football rankings for the playoff were revealed last night. The Big Ten has three teams in the top nine spots. The three Big Ten coaches in the hunt have vowed not to take the initial rankings seriously, but each will be questioned this week on the rankings.

One team that won't have to worry about the playoff rankings is Maryland. The Terps are still trying to figure out how to hold onto the football. The only bright spot on the team this year has been Will Likely, who was named Big Ten Special Teams player of the week.

Michigan has been energized by its late victory over the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The Detroit Free Press gave out grades for the effort. The Wolverines will take on Rutgers next in Ann Arbor and are looking to inch back up the rankings before finishing with Indiana, PSU and Ohio State to close out the regular season.

Nebraska is reeling from the ten point loss to Purdue. It's no secret that the Huskers are in a hole right now, and the administration sent out this appeal to loyal fans hoping for continued support. On the Boilermaker front, things are looking up now that it grabbed the second win of the season.

Penn State Sports

The women's cross country team won the Big Ten championship on Sunday. Bryanna Weiskircher of the women's volleyball team was named the Big Ten's Setter of the Week. The ladies beat Ohio State twice in one week and will face Maryland and Rutgers this week.

The men's soccer team lost a tough one on Sunday 2-1 at the hands of Northwestern. Connor Maloney scored a very impressive goal to give the Lions the lead 1-0, but the team was unable to hold on.

It was the final game of the regular season for the men's soccer team (6-7-3) and the squad will have at least one more game left when the Big Ten tournament begins later this week.

The women's soccer team won the Big Ten regular season title last week and also defeated Illinois in the first round of the Big Ten tournament. The team will take on Michigan on Friday night at 6 p.m. in the semi-finals. The game will be televised on the Big Ten Network.

Quick Hits

The Edmonton Oilers are building a new stadium and a Penn State alum is the project manager of the $606,000,000 project. Malaysian kids are being taught by Penn State students studying abroad, and one of the first things they learn is who Michael Mauti is and why he is so awesome. Another set of PSU students studied the issues involved with global engineering in China this past year.

Onward State reports that there is a potential mumps outbreak on the Penn State campus. Three confirmed cases have recently been reported. So heading into flu season just keep in mind, it could be worse, you could have the mumps. Or maybe you do have the mumps.

The poor New York Mets were unable to close the deal in the World Series, losing 7-2 in game five to the Kansas City Royals. Mets fans were hoping for another amazing comeback similar to the 1986 Mets World Series victory, but instead it was the Mets that got Bucknered.