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Carl Nassib, Destroyer of Worlds

Carl Nassib named a semi-finalist for the Lombardi.

I extend to you a laurel, and hearty handshake.
I extend to you a laurel, and hearty handshake.
Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Carl Nassib's 18.5 tackles for loss through Penn State's first nine games slots him 2nd, behind Aaron Maybin's 20 in 2008, for most TFLs in a season by any Penn State defender in the last decade.  Even more impressive, he's done it all on a diet of chicken and rice from Chipotle (source: ESPN), a fast food franchise which attempts to poison people with e coli, and is doing so very successfully.

Nassib apparently possesses some immunity from e coli, in addition to his awesome football skills.

This is not Indiana, after all.  Paul Posluszny, Tamba Hali, Jared Odrick, NaVorro Bowman, Sean Lee, Devon Still, DaQuan Jones, Jordan Hill - there's been some talent on defense in the last decade.  Nassib's cleared all of them (except Maybin) in just 9 games.  This is impressive.

Crazy Carl has more TFLs right now (18.5) than Deion Barnes and CJ Olaniyan did, combined, in 13 games last season (18).  The single season sack record (15) held by Larry Kubin (1979) and Michael Haynes (2002) will soon fall as well.

Coincidentally, Crazy Carl was just named a semi-finalist for the Lombardi Award, given to the nation's "best" front 7 defender.

It is BSD's priviledge to extend to you  a laurel, and hearty handshake.  Congrats, Carl.