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TMQB: Which Bowl Game in Penn State History is Your Favorite?

Which of Penn State's bowl games in history was your favorite?

Mike Powell/Getty Images

Soon, Penn State will take on Georgia in the 2015 TaxSlayer Bowl. It's a match-up of two teams who have under-performed for most of the season, but the finale could be a chance for one or both of them to try and make their fans forget about some of their team's hardships.

Will it be one that is remembered as an all-time great game, however? Penn State is lucky enough to have a rich history of bowl game-appearances, many of which have gone down as some of history's best games with history's best teams. Is it possible to pick just one that stands out as a favorite, though?

Is your favorite the 1983 Sugar Bowl?

Interestingly, this is the first time Penn State will have faced Georgia since then. Could we see a diving catch reminiscent of Blackledge to Garrity?

Or is your favorite the 1987 Fiesta Bowl?

Or maybe one of the non-National Championships excited you the most. Might I suggest another viewing of the 1994 Rose Bowl?

Maybe you're a new-age fan like myself, and your Penn State memories don't go back terribly far. Could your favorite be the Nittany Lions' return to bowl season in 2014?

But that's enough out of me, I want to hear from you. Which of Penn State's bowl games throughout history was your favorite, and why?