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Black Shoe Podcasts: Recruiting, John Donovan, Joe Moorhead, the TaxSlayer Bowl, and More!

One podcast is good, but two podcasts? Hot dang, that's something special.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

We've gotten a little behind on posting podcasts. We'd (read: I'd) like to apologize for our (read: my) laziness, but here's an attempt to make it up to you: TWO PODCASTS.

That's right, we've fallen so far behind we have a pair of really great podcasts to share with y'all this week. Hopefully you enjoy them both. First up is your standard BSD Podcast, in which Adam, Bill, and Cari discuss all of the recent goings on in Penn State football land. The gang talks about the decision to fire John Donovan, the decision to replace him with Joe Moorhead, and Penn State's upcoming bowl game against Georgia.

Once you're done listening to that (or before you listen to that, you can do whatever you want), check out this special edition of the Black Shoe Podcast, in which Bill, Matt, and Nick talk about recruiting, some of Penn State's top remaining targets on the board, and whether a win in the mighty TaxSlayer Bowl will help the Nittany Lions on the recruiting trail. HINT: no.

Make sure you go onto your app store and download the official app of our channel, now available for both Apple and Android products. It's searchable under the name, "Nittany Lion Sports Radio."