Heaven has gained a lion

Evening all,

This probably isn't the right avenue to share, but just needed to have a place to mourn and lead to healing with fellow Nittany Lions. On Tuesday, December 22nd at 5:15 AM my grandfather, George Hughes of Cogan Station/Williamsport PA went to be with his Creator. He was a devout Nittany Lion fan, holding season tickets from the 80's all the way until 2004 when his health began to deteriorate. He loved watching all Penn State sporting events that were on, would read the paper for information on the ones not on TV, and taught me what it means to bleed Blue and White taking me to my first game in 1994 (it was the Iowa game when we scored 35 in the first quarter). He never was skillful enough to know how to operate a computer and follow a site like this, but when I told him about a "Community Website that only talks about Penn State Sports" a few years ago, he simply laughed and said that was one of the coolest thing he'd ever heard and then asked me how much time I spent on there. If anyone wants to take a moment to share their first PSU experience or the influence that led them to bleeding Blue and White, let's have a Merry Christmas and Beat Georgia!

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