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Former Foes, Week 14

Remember that time people thought Ohio State was imploding lol.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Temple (10-2)

Beat UConn, 27-3

Temple's final tune up before the AAC title game was against UConn, and it passed with flying colors. The offense did its usual stuff (P.J. Walker and Jahad Thomas led the way, per usual), while the defense allowed the Fightin' Diacos nothing. UConn had nine rushing yards on 26 carries. My expert analysis: that is bad.

Up Next: @ Houston (11-1)

Buffalo (5-7)

Lost to UMass, 31-26

A win and Buffalo made a bowl. A loss and Buffalo's season ended. The loss happened to Penn State's old friend UMass, which had a running back go for 240 yards and three touchdowns on the Bulls' defense. This game was fun, as Buffalo had the ball at the end of the game with a chance to win, but an interception by Joe Licata sealed the deal. Poor Buffalo. Here's to a better 2016.

Up Next: Winter in Buffalo God Help Them

Rutgers (4-8)

Lost to Maryland, 46-41

A story: I was in Jersey on Saturday and caught about 10 seconds of this game before I went to visit some family about an hour away. At this time, Rutgers was ahead 31-10, which was fine. I get in the car, drive down, and walk into the house I went to. My family had the game on, and when I saw that Maryland had pulled ahead 46-41, I let out a scream. We finally know what happens when a stoppable force meets a moveable object: silliness.

Up Next: Al Golden, Perhaps

San Diego State (9-3)

Beat Nevada, 31-14

This marked eight wins in a row for the Aztecs. Oddly enough, the last time SDSU lost was against Penn State. I suppose that win is the signature win of the Franklin era, no? Also: the score is a bit misleading, as Nevada's offense only had seven points. San Diego State ain't gonna let no MWC team score all over it.

Up Next: Air Force (8-4)

Army (2-9)


Army took a week off because: 1) it has played a lot of games in a row and, 2) it was blown away by Navy's awesome uniforms for their game next week.

Up Next: Navy (9-2)

Indiana (6-6)

Beat Purdue, 54-36

We live in a world where the Indiana Hoosiers are going to a bowl game. What a silly world we live in. The folks who wanted Kevin Wilson to become Penn State's offensive coordinator are probably saddened by this, but outside of that, I have no idea how you can't be at least a little happy for the Hoosiers. They put up an insane 659 yards of total offense on the Purdue defense, so congrats to IU on making a big statement in the final game of the year.

Up Next: Bowl Selection Yay Rivals

Ohio State (11-1)

Beat Michigan, 42-13

I want Ohio State to lose every other game just so they come out the following game and unleash the wrath of god on their opponents. Michigan is a really good team. Ohio State is also a really good team. The Buckeyes were just so mad that they would have beaten any organized group of human beings at a game of football that afternoon. It was fun, and I'm already mentally preparing for when UNC beats Clemson and the Buckeyes back into a College Football Playoff spot. SPORTS.

Up Next: Bowl Selection

Maryland (3-9)

Beat Rutgers, 46-41

Maryland and its new coach – a #HOT #YOUNG #COORDINATOR, of course – should request that it plays Rutgers every week, imo.

Up Next: D.J. Durkin

Illinois (5-7)

Lost to Northwestern, 24-14

Hey Illinois: quit messing around and give Bill Cubit more than two years. Poor dude can't do anything on a two-year contract. Stuff like this is why everyone laughs at Illinois football. Anyway, they played Northwestern, and because Northwestern is much better at football, it beat Illinois.

Up Next: Maybe Bowl Selection

Northwestern (10-2)

Beat Illinois, 24-14

In all seriousness, Pat Fitzgerald deserves a ton of credit for taking a team that no one thought was going to be that good and turning it into a 10-win team. I really dislike the dude, but there's no denying that he's one hell of a football coach.

Up Next: Bowl Selection

Michigan (9-3)

Lost to Ohio State, 42-13

I think every UM/OSU game needs to start with a fight. I don't care who fights – it can be two players, two coaches, two fans, whatever. Just set up a ring in the middle, give both participants a cornerman and a cutman, and let's see a pair of really passionate people throw hands. And in a few years, when both teams are great and this is a de facto Big Ten title game play in game, we let Urbz and Khaki God go at it, 1-on-1, for 15 rounds.

Up Next: Bowl Selection

Michigan State (11-1)

I don't want to talk about it

I missed this game, so I won't say much about it outside of this: Michigan State is extra good at football.

Up Next: Iowa (12-0)