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YAY HOOPS: Eastern Michigan at Penn State Open Thread

The Nittany Lions will try to win their third straight game this afternoon.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State has gotten a little bit of momentum over the last two games, as Pat Chambers' squad has won its last two matchups. The team that will try to prevent the win streak from getting to three games is the Eastern Michigan Eagles, a 5-2 squad that hangs its hat on a pretty good defense.

Here's your open thread for today's game, which tips off at noon on BTN. Here is the preview, make sure you read up before the matchup gets underway. As always, follow us on Twitter where we'll be live-tweeting. This is the open thread, and the usual rules apply: no politics, no illegal streams, no porn, no general jackassery, and no Wonderwall. For the love of god, no Wonderwall.

Let's go State.