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Penn State to Receive Full Big 10 Bowl Share Starting in 2015

Is there anything else to get back?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In perhaps the last sign of the draconian NCAA sanctions levied against Penn State and the football program over two and a half years disappearing, and Adam Rittenberg have confirmed that PSU will again receive its full share of Big 10 bowl revenue starting in the 2015 season.

When Pennsylvania State Senator Jake Corman announced the dissolution of the consent decree between Penn State and the NCAA last month, the possibility was floated that such an announcement was coming. PSU President Eric Barron went so far as to suggest it was a discussion that would take place directly with the conference.

Shortly after the sanctions were announced in July of 2012, the Big 10 piled on by "fining" Penn State over $12 million dollars. Rather than asking for a check, the conference withheld PSU's share of the leagues revenues from bowls, which worked out to about $2.5 million per season. PSU's share of the pot was divided up amongst the other schools in the league, with the stipulation that each use the extra cash to support child sexual abuse prevention in their communities.