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BSD Mailbag 2.19.15

You've got questions, BSD has answers!

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Penn State is down 5 with a little under 3 minutes to go and the ball on their own 20. You can pick any QB from 1980 to present, who do you go with? jman7 It's tough to not automatically reply "Kerry Collins" to these types of questions, but I think the best option would be Michael Robinson. Robinson had his limitations as a quarterback, and lacked the touch that caused him to misfire on some easy completions at times. But when his back was against the wall and the offense needed to score, he was as close to perfect as they come. I don't remember another quarterback playing the way he did whenever the game was on the line. Robinson oozed leadership, and his ability to stay cool and produce when it was most needed elevated the entire offense to do some remarkable things in the clutch.

PSU football goes 1-11 next year, who do you want that one win to be? choices:
1) Clown school (Maryland)
2) Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers 
3) O$U
4) Sparty
5) Northwestern

Without a doubt, it has to be Ohio State.  A victory against the Buckeyes means the bragging rights of defeating the defending national champions, as well as likely ending the longest winning streak in the nation while also ruining their chances of a repeat for all intents and purposes. If you're only going to win one game all season, you better make it count. I would add that it might also help with some recruiting battles, but I don't think it would make a difference with Penn State coming off a one-win season. Now let's never discuss the prospect off a 1-11 season for Penn State ever again.

Why doesn't Penn State wear white jerseys during a Whiteout?? NittanyPUMA
I've had this same thought- it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense for the team to not wear their white-on-whites for an all-stadium Whiteout. But there's just something about the thought of Penn State wearing white jerseys in Beaver Stadium that just doesn't sit right with me. In this case, I say screw logic because I can't wrap my head around the team running out of the Beaver Stadium tunnel in anything other than their traditional home blue jerseys.

Why does the absence of football this time of year induce in me a kind of existentialist despair? Raoul69

I join you in your existential despair that comes at the end of football season. I like basketball and all, but it comes a very distant second to my love of college football. Here are a few things that help me get through this long and difficult stretch:

1. Oscar-nominated/Top Ten list films- I can easily go throughout the fall without taking in a single movie, so this time of year is the perfect for playing catch up. All of the really good movies come out in November and December for the most part, so now you can easily access them on pay-per-view/Netflix/Redbox- however you get your movies. 
2. Catch up on your reading- we all have a shortlist of books we'd like to read, but can never find the time. It's cold and dreary with the holidays in the rearview, so you might as well sit by the fire with a good book until it's safe to go outside (as I write this, the wind chill is -30 outside so I'll be spending plenty of time taking my own advice to pass the day).
3. College Basketball- Now is the time of year when things really start to heat up as teams fight for regular season conference titles, tournament seeding, or just the chance to stay alive following the regular season. It may not rival a November Saturday, but can be pretty damn close at times.
4. Home projects- Sure, it's not terribly exciting but it's nice to get them out of the way for when you'd rather be sitting on a patio drinking a beer, habing out at your cousin Raul's barbeque or just watching a football game.

Offseason Prediction for PSU Football One good thing that will happen… And one bad thing. 87Townie
One good thing- The offensive line will show signs of improvement, which allows the rest of the offense to make major strides following a disastrous 2014 campaign.

One bad thing- When Penn State inevitably loses a game, half the fanbase will lose their mind and declare the program is hopelessly lost and must fire Franklin immediately.

Why did they move the blue white game to 4 p.m.? Are they trying to boost hotel revenue in the region? PhillyLion
I'm sure there's some financial reasoning behind the time change, but I for one am happy with the 4 p.m. start time (I'd say kickoff, but there are no real kickoffs in the Blue-White Game). It leaves plenty of time for out-of-towners like myself to make it to the game, and still wraps up early enough to make it a one-day trip.

BSD Mailbag: The Food Portion

You're having a party and order pizzas for the group However, one person in the group asks for one of the pizzas to have half toppings that no one else at the party wants (my case, mushrooms). Should said party who wants the half pizza toppings be allowed to eat any other kind of pizza or should they have to wait until they finish all the slices of pizza with their gross-ass toppings? trizani83
You seem to be overthinking this. My philosophy is to order two crowd-pleasing pizzas- one pepperoni, one cheese- then go crazy with whatever you'd like. If your friends can't appreciate it, get some new friends.

You're driving down the Interstate and your family/wife/whoever decides you’re eating at Cracker Barrel. What do you get? Gerry Dincher
I try to stay away from chain restaurants, but when I do I order something that is hard to screw up. My go-to at Cracker Barrel is either the blackberry pancakes or scrambled eggs with grits and turkey sausage. Not the most exciting thing, but I'm sure to leave with a full stomach and not be disappointed.

Best fast food breakfast fried chicken sandwich? Dbridi
I have a rule to never eat anywhere with a drive-thru, so I'm not really qualified to answer this question. However, the last time I was in North Carolina I grabbed a quick breakfast at a place called BiscuitVille and fell in love with their spicy chicken biscuits. Although I'm certain that it was just the novelty and if they built a Biscuitville down the road from me it wouldn't impact my life whatsoever.