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Happy Birthday, James Franklin!


Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone, it's James Franklin's birthday today! Our head coach turns 43 years young today, which is strange, because he has the youthful exuberance of a three-year-old Jack Russell Terrier on speed. Let's look at some of the awesome things that have happened during his tenure:

  • He had the best introductory press conference in the history of introductory press conferences. Seriously. I watched it in my apartment in State College on University Drive and I nearly sprinted to Beaver Stadium after so I could hug him and tell him I love him.
  • Jimmy Franks immediately came in and made it known that Penn State was nothing to mess with. He started nabbing recruits left and right. He let it be known that Penn State -- despite being sanctioned like crazy -- was going to go toe-to-to in every aspect of football with schools like Ohio State and Michigan State.
  • Hey, speaking of recruiting, #DOMINATETHESTATE! And other states, too! Namely New Jersey. (CC: Rutgers)
  • As for on the field performance, sure, the Nittany Lions had some issues, but considering the issues with scholarship players, 7-6 is pretty impressive.
  • Oh, wait, the bowl game! Penn State won a bowl game! It was awesome as hell! There were plenty of other really, really good moments during the 2014 campaign -- and yeah, there were a few bad ones, too -- but the future in State College looks bright, thanks to James Franklin.

So yeah, wish our coach the happiest of birthdays. He probably won't see it since National Signing Day is around the corner and he's a crazy person when it comes to recruiting, and also because this is a blog, but all of us here at BSD hope he has an awesome day. Go wild, coach.