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MMQB: Which Former PSU Quarterback Do You Think Fits James Franklin Best?

Let us once walk down Penn State Football's memory lane.

Brad Smith- USA TODAY Sports

If I had a nickel for every time someone mentioned some variation of "Christian Hackenberg doesn't fit Franklin's offense" this past season, I would have enough money to buy James Franklin's house. While there were many criticisms of the offense this past year, this was one of the main reasons that people often pointed to. Every time Hack was unable to escape from a closing pocket, every time he chose to pass to an open man instead of run for open yards and every time he overthrew a screen pass, the same problem was identified.

While I don't agree with that idea personally (Christian Hackenberg can fit any offense he wants to, short of a pure read option offense), it was an interesting theory, and one that led me to this question. What quarterback in Penn State's history would James Franklin choose, if he could?

Would it be Michael Robinson? The ultimate example of a dual threat quarterback as far as Penn State is considered?

Would it be Matt McGloin? The man who turned out to have the savvy to make all the throws Franklin's offense needs (although the deep balls may have been a little trickier), as well as the wherewithal to run when he needed?

Would it be Kerry Collins? Widely considered the best Penn State quarterback ever, whose ability to deliver the ball perfectly would have been more than enough to succeed with Coach JF?

Would it be Daryll Clark?

Would it be Todd Blackledge?

Would it be Chuck Fusina?

Would it be the starter he already has, with Christian Hackenberg?


So readers, if you could pick one quarterback from Penn State's history to magically time travel to today and lead James Franklin's 2015 Nittany Lions, who would it be and why?