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Christian Hackenberg Full Season Passing Chart

Every pass of Hack's 2014 season in one compacted chart

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed the game-by-game edition of this article, here's an explanation of the passing chart:

This chart consists of every one of Christian Hackenberg's passes from this season. The official number of passes (484) differ from this number (499) because my chart includes passes on penalty-bound plays. Also, not all incompletions are "misses." Some incompletions are counted as "hits" because they were a) catchable or b) dropped. This chart's purpose is to show if Hackenberg effectively hit his target or not...not whether or not the pass ended in a completion. With that being said, every pass of the season can be seen in the chart below.

If you seek a comparison for Hackenberg, Darren Page of Detroit Lions Draft did this same project for a majority of the 2015 Quarterback Class. It's worth checking out.