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MMQB: What are your Revised Expectations for Penn State Basketball?

Penn State Basketball has Penn State Basketballed a lot this year. So what do you expect for the rest of the season?

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of the season, we asked you what your realistic expectations and goals were for Penn State basketball this season. After a dominating run through the non-conference schedule including a very good win over George Washington, we asked you if this team was for real or not.

Now, Penn State sits at 15-9 overall, and is 3-8 in the Big Ten. The Lions have seven games remaining this season. The opponents (in order) are Ohio State, Maryland, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Iowa, Ohio State and Minnesota. There can be arguments made that Penn State could win every single one of those games (aside from Wisconsin, which would take a miracle).

Penn State was in position to beat Maryland, but things just fell the wrong way in the end. Iowa is a solid, but beatable opponent. Minnesota has already fallen to the Nittany Lions once this season. Northwestern is the worst team in the Big Ten. And Ohio State? Well, let's just say Penn State and DJ Newbill have been there before.

So you see, things aren't quite as dire as they would seem. Not to mention that we still have the Big Ten Tournament. With how streaky but talented Penn State is, it's possible that we see them lose in the first round. However, it's also not so farfetched to see them in the final. So the question today is...

What do you expect out of Penn State Basketball for the rest of the season? How many more wins do you think they get? How do you think they'll do in the Big Ten Tournament? Do you think they're looking at a NCAA or NIT bid?