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Wrestling Wreport: Penn State falls to #1 Iowa, 18-12

The Penn State Nittany Lions push Iowa to the final match but lose to the top-ranked Hawkeyes in an electric, sold-out BJC.


Jimmy Lawson walked to the mat with Penn State down only by 3.  If Lawson could somehow upset 2nd-ranked Telford, Penn State could steal a win from top-ranked Iowa (although, not really when you consider PSU was down in Criteria).  Lawson couldn't answer, as he fell to Telford 3-0 and Penn State lost another Big Ten dual meet.

125: #5 Thomas Gilman IOWA dec. #8 Jordan Conaway PSU, 6-5

Gilman struck first with a takedown and rode Conaway out for the remainder of the first period to build up over 2 minutes in riding time.  Gilman chose down to start the 2nd and got the quick escape.  Gilman almost had a second takedown, but there would be no more scoring in the second.  Conaway chose down to start the 3rd and got the escape, then shot in and got the takedown to tie the score but had to cut Gilman due to the riding advantage.  Conaway got in again but was unable to finish the takedown and lost by 1 point.

133: #7 Jimmy Gulibon PSU dec. #3 Cory Clark IOWA, 8-5

Clark got in low on Gulibon for the bout's first takedown; Jimmy escaped but was down 2-1 after 1 period.  Clark chose down to start the 2nd and quickly escaped.  With just 10 seconds left, Gulibon connected for a takedown to tie it at 3.  Gulibon chose down and was unable to escape as Clark built up the riding time.  In the process, Gulibon was hit with his 2nd and 3rd false start caution giving Clark a point.  Gulibon escaped and the bout was tied, but Clark had riding time advantage.  Gulibon got in as time was running out and slapped Clark to the mat on his back for the takedown and two nearfall points to win 8-5 and bring the sold-out crowd to their feet.

141: #6 Josh Dziewa IOWA dec. Kade Moss PSU, 9-4

Dziewa got the first takedown, but was reversed by Moss to tie the bout at 2.  Dziewa escaped shortly after to take the lead.  Moss got in deep but Dziewa countered for a takedown and rode the period out.  Dziewa chose down to start the 2nd and quickly escaped for the 6-2 lead; he tacked on another takedown and led 8-3 after a Moss escape.  Moss chose down to start the 3rd and escaped but not before Dziewa built up the riding time advantage.  Moss tried scoring late but Dziewa was able to defend and walk away with the 9-4 victory.

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen IOWA dec. #18 Zack Beitz PSU, 6-4

Beitz used a quick ankle pick to take a 2-1 lead after a Sorensen escape. Sorensen then tied the bout with a takedown and a Beitz escape.  Zack then gave up a takedown late and found himself down 5-3 after 1.  Beitz chose down to start the 2nd and quickly escaped.  Neither wrestler scored again in that period, and the bout went into the final period with Beitz down 5-4.  Sorensen chose down and quickly escaped.  Beitz almost score late but was unable to finish the move and lost 6-4.

157: #15 Michael Kelly IOWA dec. Luke Frey PSU, 7-4

With Alton still nursing an injury, Penn State sent Luke Frey to the mat.  Frey got the initial takedown, and after a prolonged scramble, Kelly tied the bout at 2-2 with Frey having almost a minute of riding time.  Kelly chose down and got another reversal and took the 4-2 lead into the 3rd.  Frey chose down and got a quick reversal only to be reversed again.  Kelly maintained control for the rest of the period and got the riding time point to win 7-4.

165: Garett Hammond PSU dec. #7 Nick Moore IOWA, 4-2

Most young wrestlers have that one match that propels them to the next level.  Hopefully Garett Hammond had that match Sunday, besting top-10 ranked Nick Moore of Iowa.  The 1st period saw Hammond setting the pace but unable to finish any of his shots as neither wrestler scored for 3 minutes.  Moore chose down to start the 2nd and got a reversal.  Hammond escaped but was down 2-1.  Hammond chose down to start the 3rd and quickly escaped.  Moore nearly scored but Garett was able to fight it off.  With 20 seconds left, Hammond got control of Moore, lifted him into the air and brought him to the mat with 6 seconds left for the winning takedown.  It was a great win for Garett.

174: #3 Matt Brown PSU dec. #2 Mike Evans IOWA, 2-0

Brown-Evans part 7 was just as entertaining as the 6 other meetings between the 2 wrestlers.  Brown forced the action early, trying to set up a shot but Evans kept his distance and the bout was scoreless after 1.  Brown chose down and quickly escaped to open up the scoring in period 2.  Brown continued to pressure but was unable to score.  Evans chose down to start the 3rd and it would end up costing him.  Brown was relentless on top and rode the period out for the 2-0 win with the riding time point.

184: #8 Sammy Brooks dec. #17 Matt McCutcheon PSU, 7-1

Neither wrestler scored in the 1st 3 minutes, although Brooks was close.  Brooks chose down to start the 2nd and quickly escaped.  Mouse took a low shot but Brooks was ready and countered for the takedown.  McCutcheon escaped and the period ended with Mouse down by 2.  McCutcheon chose down to start the 3rd but was unable to escape.  Brooks trapped McCutcheon's arm and turned him for 3 nearfall points.  The ride-out gave Brooks the 7-1 victory for the Hawkeyes.

197: #4 Morgan McIntosh PSU dec. #6 Nathan Burak IOWA, 7-1

McIntosh pushed the action early in this match and got the initial takedown after a scramble.  McIntosh rode the period out, but not without a couple of scrambles that nearly ended badly for Morgan.  McIntosh led by 2 after the 1st period, chose down to start the 2nd and got a reversal after gaining control of Burak's leg in a scramble.  Morgan then trapped Burak's arm and turned the Hawkeye for 2 nearfall.  McIntosh rode the period out and had a commanding 6-0 lead after 2.  Burak chose down and Morgan rode him tough but cut him looking for the potential major.  McIntosh couldn't finish the takedown for the major but beat a top-10 ranked wrestler soundly 7-1.

285: #2 Bobby Telford IOWA dec. #6 Jimmy Lawson PSU, 3-0

Lawson and Telford battled for 3 minutes like the 2 shaved bears they are.  Neither man scored and Lawson chose down to start the 2nd.  Telford rode Jimmy hard and Lawson was hit with two stalls (including a stall for an untied shoe- yes you read that correctly, an untied shoe).  Telford chose down to start the 3rd and quickly escaped.  Leading 2-0 Telford just played defense the rest of the bout and won 3-0 with riding time.


If you would have told me that Penn State would go into Heavyweight down only by 3, I would have taken it.  Penn State really wrestled well in almost every match.  I was really worried about Penn State's chances at a 5th straight national championship but if they can wrestle like this come tournament time, they will definitely push some teams.