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Buy Our New Penn State Basketball "Why Not Us?" T-Shirt!

You should get caught up in the heat of the moment and spend money on this t-shirt!

On Penn State's recent run to the Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals, the team -- along with a ton of people on Twitter -- have adopted the phrase "Why Not Us?" as a rallying cry for the shootyhoopers. Some people think it's a stupid phrase. Those people hate fun and you should always ignore them.

ANYWAY, during Penn State's upset of Iowa on Thursday, Nittany Lions head coach Pat Chambers embraced that phrase and wrote it on his whiteboard during a time out.

I don't know exactly when in the game that happened, but it's safe to assume that Penn State made every shot and prevented Iowa from scoring and found a cure to the West Nile virus after that. It was an awesome moment, and after the game, Chambers discussed it with BTN, basically saying "there's one of these teams every year, why can't it be us this year?"

We here at Black Shoe Diaries, in an attempt to give all of you the highest-quality clothing out of any blog on the Internet, decided that it would be dope as hell if we made "Why Not Us?" t-shirts, styled after Chambers' whiteboard in the picture above. Here they are:

Pretty nice, eh? The graphic on the shirts were designed by our own Nick Blonde.

If you would like one, head over to Gameday Depot and pick one up. It'll set you back $17.99, and the fastest they can get it to you is in five days. Every cent of the revenue generated in this game goes towards getting Iowa coach Fran McCaffery anger management classes*, so purchase one today!

[*Ed. note: this is the most untrue thing that has ever been written on this site]