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MMQB: What is your Favorite DJ Newbill Moment?

It's finally time to say goodbye to the star guard. Let's celebrate him together.

Roaring like a lion.
Roaring like a lion.
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

When the news broke last night that Penn State did not make a miraculous jump into the NIT, so ended DJ Newbill's Penn State career (the university chose to not put in a bid to compete in the CBI again). The 2014/2015 Penn State Basketball team finished with a record of 18-16 (4-14), including a run to the quarterfinals of the Big Ten tournament, where they nearly had yet another upset of Purdue. The team was led all season by their bona fide star, DJ Newbill.

DJ's had a lot of great moments over the years at Penn State. There was the first time he found himself on a fast break and we saw what would become his patented one handed slam. There was the time he was suddenly thrust into the starting point guard spot, and helped lead the team to the improbable upset of #4 Michigan. There was his game winning shot over the outstretch, gritty arms of Aaron Craft to help the Lions to their 2013/2014 sweep of Ohio State. There was his recent game winning, cold-blooded three pointer against Minnesota. And of course, there was his outstanding three day effort in the Big Ten Tournament. Or maybe your favorite moment was learning more about his story, in his episode of "The Journey" on the Big Ten Network.

We all have moments we will never forget of DJ Newbill. He will leave Penn State as one of the most prolific scorers the school has ever seen, despite just three years of playing time. He will leave Penn State as one of the most emotional and fearless leaders the team has ever had. He will leave Penn State as one of the most upstanding and noble players to ever call themselves a Nittany Lion. DJ Newbill left each and every one of us with beautiful memories that made Penn State Basketball fun. Let's share them.

What was your favorite DJ Newbill moment?