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Minor Hiatus From Pickin' Nits

We didn't forget about you beautiful people.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

I apologize for the absence and not allowing the Penn State fans to become submerged in everything that's going on in State College tonight. I won't waste anymore time explaining, so watch this and hopefully you'll feel better after!


I know it's still ''ricken freezing' outside in State College, but one of the most underrated coaches on this campus is leading his crew battling Mother Nature. Head coach Rob Cooper is in his second season at the helm of the Nittany Lions and I can't be anymore excited.

It was a battle tested road trip the Nittany Lions took down south to thaw off from the winter taking on nationally ranked opponents such as Texas A&M and South Carolina. The Aggies just so happened to be the last undefeated team in the country just to throw that in as well. After a tough 2-13 start, Penn State has gone 2-1 since returning home including a win over No. 21 Indiana this past weekend.

I harped on it a lot last year, but Cooper is one of the best people to talk to on campus here and he deserves support for his program.

This Week Ahead: Villanova comes to town for one game on Wednesday and Central Connecticut State comes for a three game series starting on Friday.


This aforementioned hiatus didn't, however, boost my knowledge on gymnastics by the slightest amount. I did get word that the women's team has the D'Angelo Russell of gymnastics on their team. Briannah Tsang was named Big Ten Co-Freshman of the Year after helping Penn State win fourth in the Big Ten tournament.

This Week Ahead: The men host the Big Ten tournament this weekend at Rec Hall while the women's team will await NCAA Regionals next week.


The bros are back! 3-5 sit the brosephs after a 10-8 loss to No. 5 Denver this past weekend.

The women on the other hand are cruising right now to a 7-3 record. In the first season of Big Ten lacrosse, these Nits find themselves in fourth behind Maryland, Ohio State and Northwestern.

This Week Ahead: The ladies head to Rutgers on Saturday and the men host Ohio State on Sunday.


The trip down south went a little better for the women than their baseball counterparts. After a month in the books, Penn State holds a 13-15 record with a couple notable wins to their record as well over Arkansas and Texas A&M. Northwestern gave a three-game sweep to the Nits this past weekend starting Big Ten season 0-3.

This Week Ahead: Robert Morris comes to State College for a doubleheader on Wednesday and then Penn State will head to East Lansing for a three-game series with Sparty beginning on Friday.