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Pens-Flyers Hockey Coming to Beaver Stadium in 2017?

Pennsylvania's two hockey teams may meet outdoors in 2017 to celebrate their 50th anniversary seasons, and Happy Valley is again rumored to host the game

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you have heard this before, but the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers may be playing a game outdoors in front of #107kStrong in Beaver Stadium. This time, however, there may be a date, and a more than an Internet rumor to back up the story.

Our friends at Broad Street Hockey posted a story earlier today, referencing a Flyers Season Ticket Holder town hall event, where the topic came up, and for the first time, a possible date was mentioned.

Plenty of issues remain in place, not the least of which is the winterization of Beaver Stadium, or the lack of a liquor license. The former is more easily dealt with, albeit with some work from the fine folks with PSU's Office of Physical Plant. The other could be a larger hurdle, although PSU is in the process of acquiring one for the Jordan Center for special events. Michigan was able to do the same for Michigan Stadium prior to hosting a lot of people for the Red Wings-Maple Leafs Winter Classic in 2014.

With the NHL expanding their outdoor series of games to more than just the Winter Classic, this may finally be the time for outdoor hockey in Happy Valley. Surely a day of tailgating from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia fans before one of the sports best rivalries on its biggest stage would go just fine.