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Success With Hyperlinking Is Getting Money

Links and miscellany for your pleasure.

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In a pleasant change of pace, Governor Tom Wolf is reportedly announcing, maybe about the time you're reading this, a state funding increase for Penn State in the neighborhood of 23%. Years of cuts by Harrisburg had appropriations back to 1990's levels, largely going to only subsidizing in-state tuition rates.

Dominate the Stage: James Franklin spend Friday as part of the "The Formula to Win: College Football Analytics" at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston, along with SB Nation's Bill Connelly, Oliver Luck, Tom Luginbill, and Rachel Nichols. There doesn't appear to be any video available yet, but BWI has a recap of the varied topics of discussion. Then, following Penn State's Junior Day on Saturday, Coach Franklin took the stage at Schwab Auditorium for a talk during the Sunday TEDxPSU event on Sunday to espouse his philosophy and the core values of Penn State football. You can watch it here, if interested; his portion goes from approximately 4:12:50-4:27:05.

Meanwhile: In news from the other Penn State football, Watford FC goalkeeper Arie Ammann has committed to Penn State. It seems like this might be kind of a big deal, as some sites felt he would continue on a professional track in lieu of pursuing college.

In Sadder News: Penn State men's hockey announced injuries have ended junior forward Jonathan Milley's hockey playing career, he'll remain at Penn State to finish his degree.

Apologies And Rants: It seems we, as a society, trade in ignorance as a virtue. We'd rather not learn, because we're comfortbable in our ignorance figuring we know enough, regardless how much we're missing or how much may have changed. Every now and then, it'll come around to bite someone in the ass, at least temporarily, as it did recently with Keith Olbermann.  Olbermann was back yesterday, with an apology of sorts, and while he's sorry he put down people raising money for cancer, he danced around much of the real issue, but his statement shouldn't be thrown out entirely as there were salient points. Curt Schilling wrote a blog post about the reaction to a congratulatory tweet he made about his daughter. It's disgusting, but expected anymore on the internet with the discourse by men discussing women, again this is one of those circumstances with consequences, but that's far from the norm. Like, say, a commentariat that repeatedly "calls out" the female editor from their "rival" site, it doesn't further discussion, only the ignorance.

One More Thing: Rather than end on that downer, here's the new song by The Mountain Goats.