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Success With Hyperlinking Asks If Wario Is A Libertarian

Links and a dril tweet. Don't complain.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

I couldn't think of a relevant title so I just used a dril tweet.

Doin' Flips and Shit: First things first, I forgot "I'm On A Boat" was a thing that happened until I remembered that lyric. Now, to the important stuff, Penn State men's gymnastics won its third conference title on Friday night when it hosted the Big Ten Championships at Rec Hall. The Nittany Lions narrowly took first over Illinois. Congrats, Nittany Flippers! (working nickname would like other submissions)

Legal Stuff: Here is some news about the Paternos and the NCAA and Penn State because we all love legal stuff. Yahoo breaks down a judge's ruling that the Paterno family can't sue NCAA or the school for breach of contract. Here are all the details.

Top 10: Lax bro Dan Craig scored an awesome goal during Penn State lacrosse's 10-8 loss to Ohio State over the weekend. In fact, it was so awesome that it made its way onto SportsCenter's Top 10 plays, coming in at No. 7. So...that's cool.

VIOLENCE: Read this. It's about former Penn State walk-on wrestler and current MMA badass Patrick Cummins. It is, in my opinion, good.

SCRIPTED VIOLENCE: Seth Rollins rules.

Life After Bailey: Unsurprisingly, Penn State hockey is going to have some challenges to face now that Casey Bailey is in the NHL. Sure, it sucks, but Guy Gadowsky thinks it helps the program's image, mostly because it does.

Finally, Some Rap Music: Action Bronson dropped Mr. Wonderful last week and it is nothing short of spectacular. "Baby Blue" may be the best song of 2015 so far, and nobody has more fun existing/making music than Bronsoliño. Also dropping last week was Earl Sweatshirt's I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside. I like Earl, but I wasn't as high on this because it was such a deep and complex album and it takes a few listens with an annotated version of every song on Rap Genius to get it. However, Vince Staples' verse on "Wool" is my favorite verse of the year so far.